Atlantica Online

To the Steam (Global AO Players) that will start on April 24th:
Your best references will probably be the links that are considered outdated
at the bottom of this page. Most of the current stuff in Wikia/Wikidot/here will be
far ahead of your version. Hope you like the game if you’re a new player and we’ll
be happy to give our input/advice through the Discord (link below) or Reddit.

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Wikia Guides: Income | Leveling | Low-Cost Mercenaries | Talents
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Discontinued Sites/Tools (2011-2017)

miniDB [~2017] Links are from the records, as this site is discontinued.
Most of it is impossible to navigate, but here are the links anyways.
Categories: Boxes+Equipment+Items / ClassesLocation / Monsters
Craft Calc (2014) Monster Info (2014) DB [~2014] Wiki [~2011] PvP [~2014] TBS [~2012]