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Adept Necklace BoxRandom
Adept Necklace Treasure BoxRandom
Alishan Great Shaman's LootRandom
Alishan Great Shaman's TreasureRandom
Alishan Shaman's LootRandom
Alishan Shaman's TreasureRandom
Ancient Book BoxRandom
Ancient Book Box of MonksRandom
Ancient Evil Dragon God's Equipment BoxRandom
Ancient Supreme Evil Equipment BoxRandom
Angkor Wat Equipment BoxRandom
Arachne's EggPlayer's Choice
Artisan's Material BoxRandom
Astarte's Secret ChestRandom
Astarte's TreasureRandom
Asura's Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Atlantian Supremacy PackGet All
Atlantica Day Lucky Box (Event)Random
Average Pirate TreasureRandom
Awakened Dragon's Emblem BoxRandom
Awakened Dragon's Secret ChestRandom
Babylon's Equipment BoxRandom
Battlefield Treasure ChestRandom
Birthday Gift BoxGet All
Black Dragon GiftRandom
Bran Castle Equipment BoxRandom
Cake BoxGet All
Chardin's BoxRandom
Chieftan's TreasureRandom
Chironia's BoonRandom
Chironia's RewardRandom
Chosen Jupiter's AuthorityPlayer's Choice
(+1) Chosen Jupiter's AuthorityPlayer's Choice
(+2) Chosen Jupiter's AuthorityPlayer's Choice
Christmas Gift BoxRandom
Clean Battlefield ArtifactRandom
Colorful Soul BoxRandom
Commander's LootRandom
Commander's Treasure ChestRandom
Commodity Box (I)Random
Commodity Box (II)Random
Commodity Box (III)Random
Common Training Supply BoxRandom
Common Training Supply ChestRandom
Conqueror's Equipment BoxRandom
Contaminated Magic NucleusRandom
Corrupted Treasure ChestRandom
Crack of Emptiness (MK-8)Random
Crack of Emptiness (Sticky Mucus)Random
Craftsman's Material BoxRandom
Crystal Weapon Gift BoxRandom
Cultural BoxRandom
Dancer's DreamRandom
Dark Knight's Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Dark Ranger's Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Dark Warrior's Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Dark Wiseman's Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Dark Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Death JarRandom
Divine Equipment BoxRandom
Dragon God's Equipment BoxRandom
Dusty Grimm BoxRandom
Dynasty Treasure ChestRandom
Elite Prison Officer's Secret ChestRandom
Enchanted Dark Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Enchanted Judgment Equipment BoxRandom
Enchanted Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Ethereal Light OrbRandom
(Event) Lv. 100 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 100 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 100 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 100 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 100 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 110 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 110 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 110 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 110 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 110 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 120 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 120 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 120 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 120 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 120 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 130 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 130 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 130 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 130 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 130 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 140 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 140 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 140 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 140 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 140 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 15 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 15 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 15 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 15 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 15 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 165 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 165 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 165 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 165 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 165 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 35 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 35 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 35 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 35 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 35 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 50 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 50 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 50 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 50 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 50 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 80 Armor BoxPlayer's Choice
(Event) Lv. 80 Magic BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 80 Melee BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 80 Ranged BoxGet All
(Event) Lv. 80 Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
Evil Equipment BoxRandom
Evil Dragon God's Equipment BoxRandom
Evil Phoenix's Equipment BoxRandom
Evil Protector's BoxRandom
Evil Protector's Secret ChestRandom
Expert's Material BoxRandom
Extraordinary Pirate TreasureRandom
Figure Skater Tights Selection Box (Event)Player's Choice
Forgotten Record PileRandom
Forgotten Scion's ArtifactRandom
Fountain of Life's SongRandom
Freezing Equipment BoxRandom
Friendship BoxRandom
General's LootRandom
General's Treasure ChestRandom
Giant Bear Tribal RewardRandom
Gold LachrymalRandom
Golden BoxRandom
Grand Book BoxRandom
Grand Minotaur King's TreasureRandom
Grand Minotaur King's Treasure ChestRandom
Great Chieftan's TreasureRandom
Great Shaman's Reward BoxRandom
Guild Reward BoxRandom
Hercules' LootPlayer's Choice
Hidden Crystal BallRandom
Historia SuppliesRandom
Hockey Uniform Selection Box (Event)Player's Choice
Homer's Gift BoxRandom
Immortal GiftRandom
Immortal King's Secret ChestRandom
Immortal King's Treasure BoxRandom
Immortal King's Weapon BoxRandom
Imperial Treasure BoxRandom
Infused Dark Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Infused Evil Equipment BoxRandom
Infused Judgment Equipment BoxRandom
Infused Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Insect Equipment BoxRandom
Judgment Equipment BoxRandom
Jupiter's AuthorityRandom
(+1) Jupiter's AuthorityRandom
(+2) Jupiter's AuthorityRandom
King Arthur's Fancy TrophyRandom
King Arthur's Holy TrophyRandom
King Arthur's TrophyRandom
Kronos' Treasure ChestRandom
Loot BoxRandom
Luo Gaunzhong's Gift BoxRandom
Lv 3 Helper Box (Atlantis)Get All
Magma EssenceRandom
Majapahit Empire's TreasureRandom
Material Box (I)Random
Material Box (II)Random
Medici's Deluxe BoxRandom
Medici's Gold BoxRandom
Medici's Platinum BoxRandom
Medieval Book BoxRandom
Mercenary's Bronze BoxRandom
Mercenary's Steel BoxRandom
Mercenary's Wooden BoxRandom
Midas' Golden EggRandom
Minotaur King's TreasureRandom
Modern Book BoxRandom
Mount BoxRandom
Nimrod Treasure BoxRandom
Nosferatu's Broken BoxRandom
Nosferatu's Equipment BoxRandom
Nosferatu's War TrophyRandom
Old Battlefield ArtifactRandom
Old Treasure BoxRandom
Omikuji Divination BoxRandom
Orb of Forbidden AbyssPlayer's Choice
Osiris' Equipment BoxPlayer's Choice
Otherworldly BoxRandom
Pandora's BoxRandom
Pandora's Shining BoxRandom
Patriot's CofferRandom
Patriot's Fine TreasureRandom
Patriot's Precious Treasure ChestRandom
Pearl OysterRandom
Pegasus Equipment BoxRandom
Phoenix's Equipment BoxRandom
Pirate King's Secret ChestRandom
Pirate's Treasure BoxRandom
Pot of VitalityRandom
Powerful Spirit Armor BoxGet All
Powerful Spirit Equipment BoxGet All
Powerful Spirit Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
Precious Book BoxRandom
Precise City Guardian's CoreRandom
Premium Training Supply BoxRandom
Premium Training Supply ChestRandom
Priceless Pirate TreasureRandom
Prison Officer's SafeRandom
Pristine Battlefield ArtifactRandom
Proximo's Supply BoxRandom
Purgatory BoxRandom
Pyramid Equipment BoxRandom
Quality Training Supply BoxRandom
Quality Training Supply ChestRandom
Quartermaster's BoxRandom
Queen's GiftRandom
Quixote's FavorRandom
Rabbio's StashRandom
Red Crystal BoxPlayer's Choice
Red Enchant BoxPlayer's Choice
Riederan's LootRandom
Sea King's Equipment BoxRandom
Sea King's TreasureRandom
Sealed Dragon's Emblem BoxRandom
Sealed Fire Dragon BoxRandom
Search Robot License Box (7 Days/No Trade)Player's Choice
Secret Material ChestRandom
Secret Military SuppliesRandom
Selena's TreasureRandom
Shady SuppliesRandom
Shaman's Reward BoxRandom
Sheriff's Commodity BoxPlayer's Choice
Shiny Treasure BoxRandom
Shogun's Equipment BoxRandom
Silver BoxRandom
Sotheby's TreasureRandom
Soul Crystal BoxRandom
Soul Jewel BoxRandom
Sparkling Golden BoxRandom
Spirit Equipment BoxRandom
Spirit Weapon BoxPlayer's Choice
St. Nick's Rare GiftRandom
Stigmatized Snake JarRandom
Strange Rock ShardRandom
Sturdy Treasure BoxRandom
Supreme Evil Equipment BoxRandom
Three Kingdoms Champion's TreasureRandom
Three Kingdoms General's TreasureRandom
Transcendent Emblem BoxRandom
Trojan Warrior's TreasureRandom
Troy Battlefield LootRandom
Troy Battlefield TreasureRandom
Troy Supply BoxRandom
Troy Victorious TreasureRandom
Troy Victory LootRandom
Troy Warrior's LootRandom
Twilight Equipment BoxRandom
Unstable alternate dimension [Adv]Random
Unstable alternate dimension [Beg]Random
Unstable alternate dimension [Int]Random
Upgraded City Guardian's CoreRandom
Volcano Valley Equipment BoxRandom
Victorious Treasure ChestRandom
Warrior's Treasure ChestRandom
Winter Outfit Box (Event)Player's Choice
Yggdrasil's Secret ChestRandom
Yggdrasil's TreasureRandom

5 thoughts

  1. hello, you could tell me how you can get, the box grand minotaur kings treasure? and because it is crossed off the list.
    Thank you.

    1. I figured it was obvious… Any of the boxes that are crossed out are boxes that no longer drop from dungeons as they may have “updated” or were changed in some sort of way as far as loot. The Nation Dungeons and the Minotaur Raid have older boxes that are no longer obtainable; newer versions of the dungeon’s boxes drop instead.

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