Brief Titles

ProdigyPlatinum Pack License15%10%--until License expires
Millionaire IIRank #2-10 [Medici Box] spenders17%10%-10%1 Month
Server's RichestRank #1 [Medici Box] spender20%15%-10%1 Month

Fame Titles

A fame title may be awarded to players that meet the criteria of one of the fame brackets shown in the following table. For players that acquire fame in excess of 20,000 points, a title will not be awarded unless that player's fame total is also ranked as one of the top 50 fame scores on their server.
Royal Guard1,000-1,999-----Unlimited
Sergeant20,000+Top 5012%4%17%17%60 - Broken
Lieutenant20,000+Top 3014%5%19%19%90 - Broken
Captain20,000+Top 1516%6%21%21%90 - Broken
Colonel20,000+Top 518%7%23%23%120 - Broken
General20,000+First20%10%25%25%120 - Broken

Item Mall Titles

Acquired (randomly) via [Amazing Title Box] which is inside the [Amazing Title Package].
[Summer Sea Traveller] is specific to the [Summer Sea Vacation Package] from the IM.
Or can be acquired directly in-game (via Market / My Store / Trade) if applicable.
*MS = Movement Speed
Title*MSATKDEFEXPWLAdditional StatsDuration
Almighty30%20%20%20%20%Accuracy +4, Action Power +9, Crit +12
Brilliant20%15%10%15%-Action Power +7, Crit +9
Dazzling15%15%-15%5%Action Power +5, Crit +6
Enthusiastic15%15%-15%5%Accuracy +1, Action Power +10
Magnificent20%15%10%15%-Accuracy +3, Action Power +13
Summer Sea Traveller20%10%15%15%10%Accuracy +2, Crit +10, Multi-Hit +3

NPC Exchange Titles

*Black Dragon's Master is a Dragon Trial Title that is currently active in only Korea and Thailand AO.
Alcatraz Boss[Alcatraz Prison Key]×1000030%15%20%10%60Overseer Alcacat
*Black Dragon's Master[Dragon Tag]×3500??%??%??%??%??Dragon Merchant
Challenger[Dragon Tag]×200035%20%20%20%60Dragon Merchant
Great Warrior[Lucky Coin]×70020%15%10%-60Collector Barteau
Immortalized[Lucky Coin]×250030%20%20%20%60Collector Barteau
King-Maker[Barrier Fragment of the Lake]×50030%20%20%-60Elaine
Knight of the Round Table[Barrier Fragment of the Lake]×30040%20%--40Elaine
Kronos Ruler[Battlefield Points]×5000030%15%30%10%60Kronos Merchant
Legendary Warrior[Lucky Coin]×140025%15%10%10%60Collector Barteau
Worthy of the Sword[Barrier Fragment of the Lake]×20020%10%30%-90Elaine

Quest Titles

AdventurerComplete [Nonstandard Deviation 3] quest10%5%-30%60Professor Henry
Agasura's NemesisKill [Agasura]×105%4%-3%60Thalia
AlchemistFetch [Revelation: Truth]×50015%15%10%-40Calliope
AnteaterKill [Worker Ant]×20003%15%--50Pandora
ArchaeologistKill [Cursed Mummy]×3508%15%--50Pandora
Aspiring DragonWin [AoA]×5025%20%20%20%120Thalia
AssassinFetch [Revelation: Death]×50020%15%5%-40Calliope
AstrologerFetch [Lucky Wood Piece]×517%20%10%-30Kleio
Avalon's SaviorComplete [Avalon] quest35%10%20%-60Merlin
BardFetch [Revelation: Luck]×50020%20%--40Calliope
BerserkerWin battle with Blessing ×10015%-5%-20Calliope
BlessedUse [Father's Holy Water]×117%25%15%-30Thalia
BookwormGoncourt ×25000 [books]-----Pandora
Brave Chief[Inuit Tribe's Sign]×712%12%10%-30Thalia
ChefCraft [Fish Stew]×10---10%40Kleio
CollectomaniacFetch [Historia Seal]×100020%15%5%-30Thalia
CorruptKill [White Knight]×999920%20%--40Pandora
CubbieKill [Fire Bear]×20003%15%--50Pandora
CuriousUse [Strange Rock Shard]×1-15%10%-40Thalia
Cursed SwordsmanFetch [Cursed Sword Muramasa]×111%---60Kleio
DeathproofUse [Mandragora]×444-50%5%-20Pandora
DemonologistUse [Any scroll]×999920%7%10%-30Pandora
DestroyerDismantle [Destroyer's Sword]×50010%--3%60Calliope
Dimension CrosserComplete [Dimension Strider] quest40%-20%-30Dimension Strider Amarieneju
Divine PunisherKill [Dark Cardinal]×10010%10%--80Thalia
DrunkardUse [Ultimate Bomb Shot]×125%-25%
EnergizerUse [Eel]×50020%15%5%-40Calliope
Executive ChefFood skill level [91]10%30%20%20%30Kleio
Exiled NoblemanKill [Iron Doll Magician]×1000010%20%5%-40Pandora
ExplorerComplete [Not So Extinct 3] quest10%5%30%5%60Professor Henry
FartmanUse [Barley Bimbimbap]×500-10%--60Thalia
Fishing Maniac[Fishing]×3000010%15%5%-30Kleio
Flower SnakeKill [Hanahebi]×1000020%10%5%-40Pandora
FloweryKill [Red Carnivorous Plant]×5000-18%--50Pandora
ForgottenUse [Secret Vial for Memory Loss]×117%25%15%-30Thalia
GamblerExchange item box with [De Mere]×999910%-5%5%30Kleio
Ghost BusterKill [Kakemaru]×35015%8%--50Pandora
GourmetUse [Steak]×500-10%--60Kleio
GreedyFetch [Mercenary's Steel Box]×1007%7%--40Calliope
Guardian of DetroitFetch [Guardian's Badge]×5020%20%10%-60Kleio
Guardian of the CubeComplete [Succession] quest25%10%10%10%30Prince Radiant
Hand of GodEnhance equipment to +10---10%40Calliope
Heroic SoldierKill [Cursed Soldier]×88810%8%8%-40Kleio
Holy KnightFetch [Revelation: Honor]×50015%20%5%-40Calliope
Honorary EngineerRandom box from [Dream of the Continent] quest15%15%-10%60Grenville
HunterKill [Cannibal Deer]×1000020%10%5%-40Pandora
In Sheep's ClothingKill [Crazy Sheep]×300017%-2%-50Pandora
Insect CollectorKill [Queen Wasp]×5000-18%--50Pandora
InvestigatorFetch [Signs of Antiquity]×50020%20%--40Sul Lyang
JewelerRing skill level [71]--12%12%40Kleio
King of DarknessKill [Prison Tyrant]×2500030%30%30%-60Pandora
Knight ErrandRandom box from [La Mancha's Knight] quest5%25%-5%60Sancho Panza
Legendary SheriffFetch [Detroit Badge]×200015%15%5%-60Calliope
Linguistic GeniusPersuade [residents]×20982--20%-40Pandora
MechanicKill [Unfinished Machine]×500018%---50Pandora
MillionaireUse [Medici's Gold Box]×1000-10%40Calliope
Monster ExpertShare monster info ×10010%---60Calliope
MotivatedShare monster info ×15010%5%1%-60Thalia
MutantKill [White Crocodile]×500018%15%10%-40Kleio
Night RulerFetch [Walpurgis' Spirits]×1---30%300Thalia
NobleFetch [Fausta's Mirror]×112%12%10%-30Thalia
Pajama HoundFetch [Cute Pajamas]×100022%-17
PerformerAction skill level [71]--10%10%40Kleio
Pest Control ExpertKill [Evil Arachne]×104%3%-5%60Thalia
Potion AddictUse [Healing Potion (I)]×1000-10%--60Calliope
PriestFetch [Revelation: Chastity]×5005%25%5%-40Calliope
PuppeteerKill [Alloy Doll Magician]×500018%---50Pandora
RaidersComplete [On the Origin of Mutants 3] quest15%5%20%20%60Professor Henry
Samantha's FriendFetch [Star Badge]×115%10%5%-30Kleio
Santa ClausDISCONTINUED5%5%25%-30Pandora
Sea King's GuardianKill [Crab Warrior]×10003%15%--50Pandora
Sea Palace ConquerorKill [Dead Sea King]×103%5%-4%60Thalia
SheriffFetch [Detroit Badge]×50012%12%--40Calliope
ShinobiKill [Shadow Ninja]×500018%15%10%-40Kleio
Smelling FishyFetch [Mackerel Pike]×1000-10%--60Calliope
Smelling FloweryUse [Chardin's Perfume]×57%5%--60Kleio
Smelling StaleUse [Green Mold]×777-10%--60Pandora
Spirit's KinFetch [Spirit Stone]×100020%20%--30Sul Lyang
StickyKill [Starved Snail]×20003%15%--50Pandora
StrategistWin battle with 2 mercenaries disabled ×100015%-5%-30Calliope
TamerKill [Cerberus]×30003%15%--50Pandora
TerminatorExchange +7 or higher gear [Wild Cat]10%---120Thalia
Total NewbieKill [Evil Sky Spirit]×505%5%5%-60Kleio
Treasure HunterUse [Ornate Treasure Map]×500--20%-40Pandora
VIPUse [Medici's Platinum Box]×100020%15%10%-60Thalia
VIP DXUse [Medici's Special Gift Box]×100030%25%30%-120Thalia
Young PrincessKill [Desert Fox]×1000010%20%5%-40Pandora

Event Titles

In order from the oldest to newest. Titles that have reoccurred in green text.
CRIT: Critical Rate -- ACC: Accuracy -- AP: Action Power -- MS: Movement Speed
Already 1 Year10/'09---1%-301st Anniversary
Fool04/'103%3%---30April Fools
Distinguished Sophomore10/'1010%----602nd Anniversary
Sophisticated Sophomore10/'1010%----602nd Anniversary
2011 Herald??/'115%5%---30-
Ascended03/'1110%5%10%--40Ndoors to Nexon transfer
Patriot06/'1120%20%---60Mega Event
Novice Adventurer06/'1110%10%10%--60Mega Event (Korea only)
Spelltower Sentinel08/'1120%20%---60Test Server Participation
Spelltower Guardian08/'1115%15%5%--401st Spelltower Battle
People's Champion10/'11--2%10%-603rd Anniversary
Hopeful Poet10/'1110%10%2%--603rd Anniversary
Guardian of the Continent12/'1125%25%---60Riederan's Invasion
Guardian of the Land12/'1110%----60Riederan's Invasion
Town Protector12/'1115%5%---40Riederan's Invasion
Yokai01/'1215%12%---40Hyakki Yako
Cupid's Companion02/'12 & '1715%5%---50Valentines
Journeyman??/'??10%5%5%--30Lv. 100 Milestone
One in A Million??/'??25%-25%--30-
Thank You??/'??15%10%-5%-30-
Time's Witness??/'??15%10%---30-
The Fierce and the Loyal06/'1225%15%---60Festival of Bunraku
Good Sportsman07/'1210%10%10%--40Maximus' Soccer Tournament
Acong's Disciple08/'1210%-5%--40Kang Tae Gong's Fishing
Kang Tae Gong's Disciple08/'1220%15%20%--40Kang Tae Gong's Fishing
Chaotic Ruler08/'1250%30%15%--60Tower of Babel Introduction
Revolutionary10/'1220%5%20%--604th Anniversary
Four-Year Veteran10/'12??%??%??%??%-??4th Anniversary
First Centaur Conqueror05/'13??%??%??%??%-??Centaur Hero Raid Intro
Second Centaur Conqueror05/'13??%??%??%??%-??Centaur Hero Raid Intro
Third Centaur Conqueror05/'13??%??%??%??%-??Centaur Hero Raid Intro
First Garden of Life Conqueror06/'13??%??%??%??%-??Life's Song Raid Intro
Second Garden of Life Conqueror06/'13??%??%??%??%-??Life's Song Raid Intro
Third Garden of Life Conqueror06/'13??%??%??%??%-??Life's Song Raid Intro
Five Year Hero10/'1325%5%20%10%-605th Anniversary
Dragon Champion11/'1325%5%20%--60Crucible of the Dragon
Penalty Champion07/'1420%20%20%20%-60Summer Soccer 2014
Ringmaster08/'1425%15%-5%-55Travelling Theater
Nation Ruler10/'1450%30%20%--60Nation Event 2014
The One and Only10/'1450%30%20%--60Nation Event 2014
Ghost-Proof10/'14 & '1525%10%15%--60Halloween
Heroic Partier10/'1410%10%15%--606th Anniversary
Winter Champion12/'14 & '15 & '1825%15%20%--60Christmas, Winter Games ('18)
XX,XXX Kg Heavy and Beautiful [1st]02/'1540%10%20%5%-60Valentines 2015
Weighing in at XX,XXX Kg [2nd]02/'1530%10%20%5%-60Valentines 2015
Communal02/'1510%5%5%--60Shadow Legion
Unbreakable05/'15 & '1620%15%10%10%-30Infinity Challenge
Explorer09/'1520%10%30%--90Free 130 Main
Beer Aficionado10/'1525%10%15%--30Oktoberfest 2015
7-Year Exorcist10/'1550%30%20%10%-607th Anniversary
The First Protector Of Avalon12/'1550%30%20%--60Avalon Introduction
The Second Protector Of Avalon12/'1545%25%20%--60Avalon Introduction
The Third Protector Of Avalon12/'1540%20%20%--60Avalon Introduction
Defeated Merlin12/'1540%20%20%--60Avalon Introduction
Snowstorm Challenger12/'1515%-10%-30 CRIT60Christmas 2015
True Lover02/'1620%-20%--30Valentines 2016
Egg Ghost02/'1630%20%25%-30 CRIT60Easter 2016
Rare Equipment Expert02/'1620%30%10%--60Twisted Bran's Castle
Champion of Infinity09/'1730%20%20%20%-120Infinity Challenge REBORN
Master of Infinity09/'1740%30%30%30%-300Infinity Challenge REBORN
Summer League Challenger09/'1825%25%25%25%13 CRIT, 5 ACC, 5 AP, 30% MSAO Tournament (Season 1)
Summer League Champion09/'1830%30%35%35%15 CRIT, 6 ACC, 9 AP, 30% MSAO Tournament (Season 1)
Autumn League Challenger11/'1825%25%25%25%13 CRIT, 5 ACC, 5 AP, 30% MSAO Tournament (Season 2)
Autumn League Champion11/'1830%30%35%35%15 CRIT, 6 ACC, 9 AP, 30% MSAO Tournament (Season 2)
Special Snowflake12/'1825%20%-15%-30Christmas 2018
Santa's Full Bags12/'18--50%50%-Christmas 2018
Born to be Loved02/'1915%10%15%30%-77Valentines / Exploration

13 thoughts

  1. hi Arc can i ask about the title you used often that is titile almight, where do you get it if you can figure it out? If I can not get it at least you can see the effect of that title 😀

    1. The Almighty title is from the Item Mall [Amazing Title Box]; it’s a tiny chance to get the title anyways. Probably can find someone selling it if you’re lucky.

  2. hi there Arcanic
    im a real newbs in this game, looks interesting what u have here,
    all the infos, mercen, dungeon, item, skill, formation, etc
    but i dont find a leveling guide (from the very beginning lv 1)
    do you have one ?
    or can you suggest me a valid one (up2date to current content) ?
    thx. and many thx b4, coz i may have more question next xD

    1. Don’t really have a leveling guide from Lv 1 – 130;
      it’s so easy nowadays, there really isn’t a need to have one.

      After Lv 100, spam the TBS’ like Sumpah Palapa (95~110), Troy (110~140), Three Kingdoms (110~140), Africa (135~155).
      In betweening TBS’ and the lousy grinding fields, you can also run OT1 daily, which scales, and OT5 @ Lv 130+.

      Grinding Zones after 150: Tartarus Laboratory @150, Transcendent Temple @152, Huaguo @155, Bungle Range @156, Alcatraz @157, Uluru @160, Magician’s Tower @160.

      EXP-heavy Quests: http://atlantica.wikia.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide

      OT’s after Lv 150: VIII,X,XIII

  3. how to get the title of The First Protector Of Avalon?
    want any title of The Second Protector Of Avalon and The Third Protector Of Avalon 😀

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