Atlas Ore Tables

(≈) = Estimations (Untested)
CTRL + F your way to find applicable equipment.
Riederan Rings are not usable with Atlas Ore – Period.
What’s listed is only the shit we’d actually care to atlas, more or less.
Bracelets, Earrings, & Necklaces have never been applicable to Atlas
(AO North America – ONLY exception is Neo ACA bracelets/earrings).


Leveling up Skills via Atlas

LevelA Class Mercs
B Class Mercs
C Class Mercs
D Class Mercs
01-2004 Atlas Ores02 Atlas Ores01 Atlas Ore Fragments01 Atlas Ore Fragments
21-4009 Atlas Ores04 Atlas Ores03 Atlas Ore Fragments02 Atlas Ore Fragments
41-6020 Atlas Ores08 Atlas Ores07 Atlas Ore Fragments04 Atlas Ore Fragments
61-8045 Atlas Ores16 Atlas Ores15 Atlas Ore Fragments08 Atlas Ore Fragments


Various Accessories

Lv. 1~150: Ashur's Ring | Assyrian Ring | Black Dragon Ring | Dragon's Fallen Power | Holy Ares' Ring | Holy Artemis' Ring | Holy Hestia's Ring | Holy Metis' Ring | Neo ACA-II Guardian Bracelet | Neo ACA-II Guardian Earrings | Whale Back-to-School Ring
#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)

Lv. 150: Awakened Chi You's Ring | Awakened Fu Xi's Ring | Awakened Nuwa's Ring | Awakened Pangu's Ring | Transcendent Earth Ring | Transcendent Flame Ring | Transcendent Gale Ring | Transcendent Lustrous Ring
#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)


Various Legendary Equipment

Lv. 100: Immortal Bow

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)Atlas Ore (Safe)Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+10288 (≈)230 (≈)N/AN/A

Lv. 100: Lucifer’s Rifle | Nemesis Cannon

#Atlas Ore (Power)
Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+7200160320 (≈)256 (≈)
+8240192400 (≈)320 (≈)
+10360 (≈)288 (≈)N/AN/A

Lv. 150: Excalibur, Guardian Sheath, Riederan (perhaps follows this chart; doesn’t reach L)

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)

Lv. 150: Jupiter

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+71372 (≈)1372 (≈)N/AN/A
+81715 (≈)1715 (≈)N/AN/A

Lv. 150: MK-6R, MK-8, Sticky Mucus

  • NOTICE: Failing a Safe Atlas for any of these will result in the item being destroyed.
#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)

Lv. 155: Grim Reaper’s Sickle

  • UPDATE: As of May 2018, values were adjusted down for Power Enhancement.
  • Atlas Ore and Atlas Ore [E] are still the same values, as Valofe is incompetent.
  • Old Enhancement values for this particular weapon: >> link here <<
#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+10530 (≈)530 (≈)N/AN/A

Lv. 90~160: Crimson Wasteland Power Saw | Dark Abyssal Instrument (≈) | Dell'arte Phantom Sword | Diabolic Staff | Dynasty Shield | Dynasty Sword | Faust's Violin | Fire Dragon's Long Spear | Garuda's Solar Whip | Grimm's Magic Source | Merciless Grudge of Grendel (≈) | Sword of Life's Song | Golden Scepter (≈) | Washington's Blunderbuss (≈) | Wratheater Minotaur Axe
#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+10900720N/A [or] 1080 (≈)N/A [or] 864 (≈)


Standard Equipment and Mercenary-specific Armor Sets

Lv. 155: Judgment [Equipment] | Automaton [SET] | Centaur [SET] | Furious Patriot [SET] | Tarkan [SET]

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)Atlas Ore (Safe)Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)

Lv. 165: Twilight [Equipment]

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)Atlas Ore (Safe)Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)

Lv. 175: Abyssal [Equipment]

#Atlas Ore (Power)Atlas Ore [E] (Power)
Atlas Ore (Safe)
Atlas Ore [E] (Safe)
+06552 (≈)9072 (≈)
+19274 (≈)140112 (≈)
+212298 (≈)200160 (≈)
+3174140 (≈)260208 (≈)
+4220176 (≈)348278 (≈)
+5298238 (≈)440352 (≈)
+6394315 (≈)550440 (≈)
+7492395 (≈)688550 (≈)
+8592474 (≈)820656 (≈)
+9760608 (≈)1160928 (≈)

10 thoughts

  1. Hey Arcanic, bothering you again. But something I never understood is the difference from Atlas Ore to Atlas Ore [E], I thought the [E] standed for Enhance only, but you can actually enhance with the normal Atlas Ore? And by (Power) and (Safe) it means that the probability of a successful enhance is almost 100% on the (Safe) and somewhat likely to happen on the (Power)? Thanks!

    1. Atlas Ore and Atlas Ore [E] are used for Enhancement via the Power or Safe method.
      AND Atlas Ore is for various different purposes [ more details].
      Atlas Ore [E] is also supposed to be 25% less consumed when enhancing; was fucked up for Jupiter +7-L and the Grim Reaper Sickle which consume the same amount of Atlas Ore and Atlas Ore [E].

      Power Enhancement:

        +0 enhance fail = equipment breaks.
        +1-10 enhance fail = equipment degrades one rank (+).
        If lucky, there’s a chance the equipment can jump 2-4 ranks (+).

      Safe Enhancement:

        +0 enhance fail = equipment doesn’t break.
        +1-10 enhance fail = equipment doesn’t degrade.
        If lucky, there’s a chance the equipment can jump 2-4 ranks.
        Jupiter Weapons do not have any Safe Enhancement capability.
        Legendary Equipment tend to not have a Safe Enhancement capability on the last rank (+10-L).
        Uses up (20%) more Atlas Ore / Atlas Ore [E] than Power Enhancement.
  2. Hello There,
    I Would like to ask about
    Could you please give information about how many atlas ore we need, if use it to increase level of skill Character/Mercenaries?
    Thanks Before

  3. i wasn to ask how to count the percentage of success i little bit confuse, also do you have percentage for zing until pega equipment, cause iam playing on the cap of 140

    1. I’m not quite sure what your question is, but I’ll assume it’s about Power Enhancing.
      A failed Power Enhance results in more Lucky Points (don’t know the exact numbers).
      You also get a tiny amount of Lucky Points for each success (100 x Enhancement Level).
      Power Enhancing with 0 Lucky Points is perhaps 40~50%, but I don’t know for certain.
      Lucky Points increases the probability of a successful Power Enhancement, but only by so much.
      After failing an enhancement, the Lucky Points will say how much of a percentage the next enhancement could succeed by in comparison to the normal probability.

  4. What is currently the best gear to use in pvp? Mostly for Sword & staff
    I have some Jupiter, but is there a better option before i decide to enhance

  5. is the atlas ore (power) mean its qty or what?
    and also can u share percentage/rate/qty for equipment below twilight?

    1. 1.) It’s the quantity of Atlas necessary for one attempt at the respective Enhancement Level.

      2.) The point was to show that Judgment Atlas Enhancing (and below) is foolish to consider.
      Basically by not including Dark Pegasus and below, I’m stating they’re not worth the cost.
      If you’d like to know just for informative reasons, then I understand, so maybe at a later date.

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