Olympus Tower:

Purification Tower:Purification-Tower

[★] Drops Star Stones — [♦] On Market for a Fixed Price [⇑] Extra 5 minutes per boss kill [8 min for Defense bosses]

Indi (Party) Dungeons

DungeonLVLKeyCost / ObtainReward(s)MinutesMobs
★Forbidden Abyss90Sea King's Scale150 Battle Points[Ethereal Light Orb]×1~330 min170
★Arachne's Nest94Arachne's Web200 Battle Points[Arachne's Egg]×160 min41
Hypogeum of Death98Three Headed Dragon Tag300 Battle Points[Death Jar]×160 min-
★Tower of Darkness Hall101Sealed Black Key400 Battle Points[Nosferatu's Equipment Box]×140 min35
★Lerna's Labyrinth105Hydra's ClawTreasure Map[Hercules' Loot]×150 min40
Occupied Coast113Occupied Shoreline Map800 Battle Points[Average Pirate Treasure]×140 min31
Wrecked Pirate Ship113Wrecked Pirate Ship FlagOccupied Coast [boss][Extraordinary Pirate Treasure]×140 min31
Holy Crystal Cave113Pirate Captain's SwordWrecked Pirate Ship [boss][Priceless Pirate Treasure]×140 min31
Hall of Battle120Diabolic Battlefield Order♦300m [Market][Old Battlefield Artifact]×1 (150-275 kills)
[Clean Battlefield Artifact]×1 (275-399 kills)
[Pristine Battlefield Artifact]×1 (400+ kills)
20 min550
Hidden Chamber120Secret Diabolic Order♦300m [Market][Hidden Crystal Ball]×130 min45
Beginner Trial120Beginner Trial Key1m [Proctor][Black Dragon Gift]×130 min11
Intermediate Trial120Intermediate Trial KeyBeginner Trial [boss][Black Dragon Gift]×330 min15
Advanced Trial120Advanced Trial KeyIntermediate Trial [boss][Black Dragon Gift]×530 min12
Night Palace125Infatuation Jewel1,500 Battle Points[Dancer's Dream]×120 min35
Ancient Lava Valley [Skirmish]125Ancient Treasure MapOld Treasure Box
Sturdy Treasure Box
Troy TBS boxes
[Magma Essence]×140 min40
Tomb of Immortals130Tombkeeper's Lantern♦100m [Market][Immortal Gift]×130 min40
Corrupted Hanging Garden130Corrupted Key200 Lucky Coins [Collector Barteau][Corrupted Treasure Chest]×1⇑15 min4
Temple of the Fire Dragon140Fire Dragon Key3,000 Battle Points[Sealed Fire Dragon Box]×115 min5
Fields of Delaware150Scout's Secret Orders50 Broken Ammunition [John Jay][Patriot's Fine Treasure]×140 min40
★Tower of Darkness Library150Dark Library KeyToD Hall [boss][Nosferatu's War Trophy]×120 min20
★Melancholy Velvet Room150Velvet KeyToD Library [boss][Nosferatu's War Trophy]×115 min20
Grimm Woods155Grimm KeyGrimm Brothers [quest][Dusty Grimm Box]×120 min20
★Dark Abyss155Furious Sea King's Wrath♦30m [Market][Sea King's Treasure]×130 min-
★Underground Temple of Life160Azi Dahaka's Shining Seal♦50m [Market][Pot of Vitality]×1⇑15 min30
Polluted Magic Control Center160Magic Power Control Center Pass3,000 Battle Points[Contaminated Magic Nucleus]×115 min25

Dragon Trial (Points):

Defeating Mobs (bonus = ×2):
Stage 1: 44
Stage 2: 47
Stage 3: 55
Stage 4: 99
Stage 5: 201

Clearing All Mobs:
Stage 1: 500
Stage 2: 700
Stage 3: 800
Stage 4: 1,500
Stage 5: 2,500

Completing stages:
Stage 1: 500
Stage 2: 500
Stage 3: 500
Stage 4: 1,000

Completing Missions:
[Stage 1]
Mission 1: 600
Mission 2: 700
Mission 3: 800
[Stage 2]
Mission 1: 600
Mission 2: 700
Mission 3: 800
[Stage 3]
Mission 1: 600
Mission 2: 700
Mission 3: 900
[Stage 4]
Mission 1: 700
Mission 2: 900
Mission 3: 1,000
[Stage 5]
Mission 1: 1,500
Mission 2: 1,500
Mission 3: 1,500
Mission 4: 1,50

Guild Dungeons:

Levels are recommendations for this table.

Name LVL Required Key Completion Reward
Golden Dragon’s Cave 150 Broken Stalactite Key [Awakened Dragon’s Secret Chest]×25-45
Marksburg Castle 90 Key of Lunacy [Crazy Lord’s Seal]×10
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi 100 Immortal King’s Key [Immortal King’s Secret Chest]×60
Revolution 120 Operation Orders [Patriot’s Precious Treasure Chest]×230-300
Ruined Shrine of Snakes 50 Snake Scale Key [Stigmatized Snake Jar]×30-45
Valley of Oblivion 100 Cube of Amnesia [Evil Protector’s Secret Chest]×40-60

Nation Dungeons:

Levels are recommendations for this table.

Name LVL Required Key Completion Reward
Alcatraz Prison 100 Alcatraz Key [Elite Prison Officer’s Secret Chest]×260-310
*Avalon 140 Avalon Key [King Arthur’s Fancy Trophy]×5-25
[King Arthur’s Holy Trophy]×5-25
[King Arthur’s Trophy]×5-25
Chaotic Tower of Babel 100 Chaos Key [Astarte’s Secret Chest]×230-300
Ghost Ship of the Caribbean 100 Ghost Commander’s Key [Pirate King’s Secret Chest]×300
Yggdrasil’s Three Gateways 100 World Tree Gateway Key [Yggdrasil’s Secret Chest]×230-300

*Avalon [F3 Completion] based on statues killed / how much damage is done to Merlin by an individual player.

Squad / Raid Dungeons:

Name LVL Required Key Completion Reward
Haunted Tatami Room 95 Old Kendama [Imperial Treasure Box]×45-90
Coyote’s Valley 100 Chief’s Ivory Horn [Giant Bear Tribal Reward]×9-27
Labyrinthos 110 Dungeon Points [Minotaur King’s Treasure]×100
Labyrinthos 135 Dungeon Points [Grand Minotaur King’s Treasure Chest]×100
Forgotten City 145 Dungeon Points [Precise City Guardian’s Core]×100
Overlord’s Onslaught 150 Dungeon Points [Dynasty Treasure Chest]×100
Centaur Hero 155 Dungeon Points [Chironia’s Reward]×100
Golden Empire Defense 155 Dungeon Points [Heroic Emblem]×5
Garden of Life’s Song 160 Dungeon Points [Fountain of Life’s Song]×100


Guides by: Secrets of Atlantica

Dungeon LVL Reward EXP Rating Remarks
Scouting Party 50 6x10s 0.50 1 Only 1 trick to know
Base Defense 60 8x10s 0.67 2 summon portal, rest easy
Rakrian Kuti’s Rebellion 75 2x20s 8.17 1 One semi-critical spot
Fortress Assault 80 12x10s 4.00 4 Super easy
Call To Arms 85 4x20s 12.11 0 Super easy
Warrior’s Honor 90 6x20s 6.50 4 Easy if you do it right
Battle Of Changban 90 3x20s 11.11 4 Suicidal NPC on your side
Sumpah Palapa 95 6x20s 16.83 0 Super easy
Saving A Dou 95 6x20s 12.22 3 Straight-forward
Eight Gates 100 9x20s 13.33 4 Squishy mobs, but many
Reversal 100 8x20s 10.44 5 moderately difficult end fight
No Safe Harbor 105 12x20s 16.30 3 Straight diagonal
Fleeing Betrayer 105 10x20s 14.81 2 Reward includes extra box
Heart Of Troy 110 12x20s 12.94 5 Full of adventure
Alishan In Ruins 110 12x20s 20.37 2 Boss can be nasty
Black Forest Depot 112 4x10g 20.00 4 Easy boss
Reclaiming Alishan 115 6x10g 24.07 4 Easy boss
Enemy Advisor 115 6x10g 23.70 4 Guard your NPC properly
Goddess’ Rage 115 9x10g 22.22 7 Very easy to duo
Saving Helen 115 8x10g 17.78 6 Not easy for musicians
Troy’s Last Battle 115 18x10g 29.63 8 Lv 115: impossible to solo
The Shaman Returns 120 9x10g 29.26 6 Kill speed is important here
Spy Hunt 120 9x10g 28.89 4 Only problem: summon portals
Hidden Power 120 12x10g 20.17 5 It’s all about crowd control
Scourge 122 10x10g 31.85 7 Boss hits heavily
Flamethrower 125 12x10g 33.33 5 Short. Bring phoenix / judgment scrolls
Xiao Qiao’s Escort 125 12x10g 34.81 5 Only problem is the start
Last Stand 130 20x10g 44.22 8 Kill fast
Summoning The Wind 130 15x10g 44.44 7 Normal mobs must be killed in 1 shot
White Flag 132 14x10g 51.85 4 Easy
Battle Of The Red Cliff 135 30x10g 48.15 8 Can solo it but remains difficult
Dogon Defense 136 14x20g 87.50 9 Survival – have proper gear
Desecration 136 10x20g 116.67 5 Easy to do it wrong
Journey Home 137 10x20g 129.63 5 Paper NPCs…
Act Of War 137 8x20g 129.63 5 Doable but nasty SP
Signs Of Antiquity 138 8x20g 142.59 3 No boss fight
Balance Restored 138 8x20g 142.59 3 Easy boss fight
Into The Spirit Realm 139 8x20g 155.56 5 Doable, bosses can be nasty
The Spirit Gods 139 12x20g 155.56 9 Difficult final phase
Revenge Of The Spirits 140 12x20g 168.52 5 Boss fight is easy
Unification 140 12x20g 168.52 5 Unique style, easy boss fight

Alternate TBS Guides


19 thoughts

  1. What does the rating on the TBS section? I’m looking for TBS that is worth it to run at my level. I’m level 150 with weak equips.

    1. SpearMain is very useful in raids, as well as the CannonMain.
      Sword might be useful as they can stun some mobs.
      Saw is useful to awaken (Sacrificial Awakening).
      InstrumentMain for draining enemy bosses’ / mobs’ MP.
      Lastly, BowMain is useful (with Empress’ Blessing) to reduce the likely-hood of being sealed, silenced, or frozen.

        1. There is no “best” – just have certain qualities in the raids, many that are situational.
          Spearmain can move twice in one turn (Vessel of Wrath), can use cross-based magic (War Cry) and can do decent damage vs bosses. SawMain can awaken himself + allies. BowMain has Empress’ Blessing and obviously hits hard. Blademaster (Lv 170) can avoid combo-count / stun and has a heavy AoE (Waltz). StaffMain, maybe their Blazing Earth is useful there. Cannon can hit 5 mobs in a cross with defense ignore if they have a Jupiter Cannon and has a few AoEs to pick from. Also, Instruments are very useful for their mana drain capability.

          1. so what main cheap for tbs/raid? i mean most picked for tbs and raid. i want saw main but need lv 100 to get it. and what server has less inflation?
            im looking for server with less indo players, is there any? thx

            1. Any range main’s gear is going to be generally more expensive, as they’re highly used.

              1. Cheaper: Battlemage (decent magic/proc damage), Spear (decent damage + DoT),
                Staff (decent magic/proc damage)
              2. Expensive: Blademaster (AoE), Bow (high damage), Cannon (high damage + AoE),
                Rifle (decent damage)
              3. Situational: Instrument (mana drain), Saw (awakening)
              4. Nearly useless: Axe

              Macedon and Thebes have less Indos, but still many are in all servers, as they make up half of the active player-base.

              1. i was using staff main for tbs since staff very effective for tbs but idk about now. why bow and cannon expensive and spear cheaper? have you tried europe server?

                1. Build for a Blademaster is expensive and swords are used often; spear is a bit cheaper as far as skills and spears.
                  I explained why range mains are generally more expensive; it’s because of their gear prices.
                  Staff is pretty effective in just about anything; probably not the best at it all, but decent.
                  Never played in EU.

  2. Hi… ^_^
    would you share any information about new ind, dragon lair?
    is it easy? and what is the reward?

  3. hey arcanic, thanks for the effort.. i have a question, altho i have stopped playing this game, there is still one thing i don’t get about avalon ND and it’s bothering me, why do high level players forbid anyone that “don’t understand” how to do the 2nd floor from entering it? what is there to “understand”? thanks in advance

    1. 2nd floor: because if too many players that don’t know what they’re doing remain in there, they will cause problems as far as spawning too many Puppeteers. This creates chaos in that floor and if left unchecked for too long, that Nation will fail the dungeon. Puppeteers are boss-type enemies that appear for every certain amount of (good) fairies/knights killed inside that floor. Agents are the weaker bosses that spawn from the enemy Gates. Players that aren’t well-geared are practically useless in that floor because they can’t kill the Agents/Puppeteers without harming the “innocent” mobs in those formations.

  4. Hey Arcanic, I just recently came back to AO. Back then TBS was a good way to make money.
    But I think it’s changed? You have to do diary stuff to get dungeon points now right? Is it worth doing now?

    1. TBS is a fairly mediocre method for income, but not quite pointless.
      Yes you have to accomplish diary stuff such as daily PvP and an Indi + 3 quests.

      Income (difficulty & profit varies):
      – Indis such as Grimm / PMCC / Tomb.
      – Particular Indis related to Star Stones.
      – Specific Raids – if you can handle them.
      – Titan: Kronos/Spelltower when available.
      – All Nation Dungeons are fairly profitable.
      – Newer grinding areas – Lv 160 / 170 only.
      – Areas that Jackpot Divine/Phoenix Boxes.
      – Some Raids have a decent profit outcome.
      – Olympus Tower – particularly from 5 to 15.

  5. hi arcanic, im lv 140 can you recommend me a place with weak mobs for jackpot? i have a decent guan yu but i have no idea which mobs have weaker mdef, thanks!

    1. No idea, not been around that level for a long time; my advice is to get to 152~160.

      Otherwise, you can try the Squad Dungeons for the rare books there.

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