Atlantica Online – Lv 180 Cap + Lv 130 “Jump” Event + Christmas

Compared to Japan & Korea, which have Lv 150 Jump Events,
Europe and North America got Lv 130 Jump Events instead.
Original Sources before NA’s Announcements: &

■ Update
Release of Level Cap
: Maximum levels increased from Level 170 to Level 180.

Approximate EXP for 171-180:LevelEXP

New Equipment / Weapons
(called Abyssal – Lv 175)
for the Lv 180 Cap:”Mysterious energy flows on
the new found weapons and
armors of destruction.”
To Craft:

  1. 1x Darkness Origin
  2. 200x Earth Essence
  3. 15x Atlantis Gold Coin
  4. 80x Voice of Terror
  5. 40x Historical Essence
  6. 150x Oriharukon
  7. 4x Shard of Beginning
  8. 50x Obsidian Shard

Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the Dragon’s Nest update quite yet.
New Map, Mounting the Dragon’s Nest.
: “Event” Map, Dragon’s Den will be implemented.
Other posts (here & here) state that it’s a 5 minute room to fight a boss.


■ Events

Christmas [Invitation of Holy Town]; ended on the 18th of January.


– Level 150 130 Jump Event; NPCs was removed on the 11th of January.

From Character Creation, each Account was able to create a Lv 130 “Jump” Character.
The capability to create a Lv. 130 character was removed on the December 28th Patch.

Miscellaneous Updates / Possible changes for EU / NA:

  1. When applying some titles, there was a problem that the minimum Action Power did not rise.”
    • Basically a bug where any titles that gave Action Power, didn’t raise the minimum, making it where turns could still be started with really low AP.
  2. Item Mall Sale:
    • Most likely case is there will be another sale of boxes / cards that will be sold in multiples of ×3 / ×5 / ×7 / etc.
  3. New Mounts: “Steampunk Autogyro” MK 1 & 2
    • MK 1:
      Attack: 860 – 960
      Defense: 19800
      Strength: 660
      Dexterity: 660
      Vitality: 720
      Critical: 15
      Activated Magic: “Suicide Bomb Lv 10”
      Movement Speed: 25%
    • MK 2:
      Attack: 1260 – 1360
      Defense: 22000
      Strength: 700
      Dexterity: 700
      Intelligence: 700
      Vitality: 760
      Critical: 20
      Activated Magic: “Suicide Bomb Lv 50”
      Movement Speed: 30%

Content to be (possibly) added later:

  1. Ancient Fox Costume.
  2. Ninetails (mercenary).
  3. Dragon’s Lair.

Author: ArcanicVoid

"Forward the Foundation" - Hari Seldon

19 thoughts

    1. If it’s like the last 130 jump event, you have to level up each of the mercenaries to a specific point, such as 138, 140, 142, 144, 146 or so.
      After doing that, you will be able to turn them into a permanent mercenary rather than the temporary / non-gearable version that they start as.

  1. I saw about this game event and decided to try it today, but when I went to create character there is no jump button. Does it need any requirements to make the instant level 130?

    1. I’m not completely sure on what exactly is in them, but in the past, the choices in the boxes have been close to the following:

      A Class Mercenary Book Gift Box (Select)

      Guan Yu Magic Book Box ×1
      Druid Magic Book Box ×1
      Odysseus Magic Book Box ×1
      Valkyrie Book Box ×1
      Mwindo Book Box ×1
      Gigas Book Box ×1
      Chironia Book Box ×1

      B Class Mercenary Book Gift Box (Select)

      Book: War Cry [I] ×1
      Book: Empress’ Blessing [I] ×1
      Book: Empress’ Curse [I] ×1
      Book: Crimson Blade [I] ×1
      Book: Marauder’s Edge [I] ×1
      Book: Freezing Atmosphere [I] ×1
      Book: Blazing Earth [I] ×1
      Book: Ocean Blessing [I] ×1
      Book: Aquatic Barrier [I] ×1

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