Atlantica Online – Events – Spooky Ghost Town [Halloween]

Happy Halloween, Atlantians. I’m going to be slightly more detailed with this.
If there was any Event in Atlantica that a player wanted to participate in, THIS IS IT.

– Duration: After Maintenance 26th October ~ Before Maintenance 16th November.
– Levels: 60 ~ 170

1. Pumpkin Town Invitation:
– Acquire one ‘[Event] Toxic Pumpkin Town Invitation’ per day (Reset / 06:00 PST).
– 30 minute duration inside the instance and the keys can stack (30×2 = 60 minutes).
– There’s an icon on the upper left of the screen () to teleport to the instance.
– The Event is CLOSED from 06:00 – 07:00 PST.
– ‘Use Simplified Character’ in Settings will not affect the mobs here (except for the Boss).

2. Monster (Field mobs) Loot Table:
3. Spooky Old Pumpkin (Boss’ Loot):

4. Halloween Specter (NPC):

– Can exchange ‘Pumpkin Bombs’ () for roulette items. They require Halloween Pumpkin accessories; opportunity to upgrade to the rare (Spooky) versions.

– Rate is anywhere from ×1~300 attempts.
– In addition, previous accessories from the Valentine’s Event earlier this year can be upgraded to the Spooky Halloween Pumpkin accessories if a player still has specifically the normal versions.

– Roulette items will not consume the accessories unless the upgrade succeeds.
 ACA Event Lucky Box I ();
chance to get 1 of the following items (more likely to get a bunch of trash):

5. Pumpkin Bombs:
The Pumpkin Bombs are the equivalent of the Phoenix Destructive Stones.

6. Items with the ‘Event’ tag:
– The following will be removed on November 16th, after maintenance.

7. Accessories Breakdown and why they are OVER-POWERED:
– The new rings and necklaces aren’t that great, as there are Riederan’s Necklaces and Rings out there that already have great bonuses. However, the 20% bonuses to Critical & Magic Damage from the ×4 set are quite impressive.
– There has been speculation of bugs regarding the 20% Magic Damage and whether or not it works correctly. Upon testing them, players found:

– The ×2 set bonus of the new accessories can out-power many of the previous.
– The following are NOT socketed with any Star Stones.

– A few accessories (below) that were considered good before this event.
– some of the following are already socketed with decent Star Stones.

The new bracelets and earrings with the ×2 set bonus are just as good, if not better than many of the current +10’s.

What I’m saying here is if you want some really amazing accessories in this game for only a couple days of effort, this is the Event for you.


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