Perhaps I could’ve waited just ONE day to make my previous post on Atlantica Online NA’s latest updates, because guess what! VALOFE NA has finally announced the port date, and more information to go along with that. As if the wait wasn’t long enough, now we will want to be patient for 3 more months, and prepare for the transfer to VALOFE’s servers. If anyone was wondering, the account sign up with VALOFE is also in this new announcement, so sign up today, and reserve your VALOFE account for the port. For the EU players, there’s also an announcement on the “Atlantica Online EU” page, so you haven’t been forgotten either. As far as I understand how this will go, anyone that intends to keep playing Atlantica Online will want to register their VALOFE account within these three months so that they will not have a risk of losing their data. So to all of you who have been waiting, playing other games in the meantime, October 5th, 10:00 AM CEST is the moment to take action [or during these three months if you feel like procrastinating].

Official “VALOFE NA” Facebook post:



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