The transfer of Atlantica Online from Nexon to VALOFE Global Ltd.

First off, the average expectation when a company/publisher takes all rights of a product from another publisher, is that they themselves expect some sort of return. Whether it’s profit, a community, or a reputation. In many cases, alot of players agree that Atlantica Online’s battle system is unique, but unique won’t always get the publisher the money they want, which is why Nexon finally dropped it [it is to be noted they held the game for eight years]. VALOFE seems like a smaller company interested resurrecting Atlantica Online, but only time will tell.

VALOFE Phillippines [formerly Ndoors Phillippines (NDP)] is a former subsection/partner of Nexon, that became VALOFE Global Limited around eight years ago. They specialize in alot of smaller, mobile games, so it would be odd that they would take AO; however, they have owned other online games similar to AO, so it’s not completely out of their scope. Some people have rumored that they want to apply AO into tablets & mobile devices, which would mean a complete overhaul of the AO client…

Many Atlantica Online players think VALOFE is the same Ndoors that was the former “developer” of the game. VALOFE is not; Ndoors as a developer is currently affiliated with Nexon, and the development rights for Ndoors will stay, while VALOFE will inherit Nexon’s publishing rights. VALOFE has NA and EU sections that will be taking the responsibility of handling the NA/EU AO’s.

Basic Info on VALOFE:

  1. 2 game development studios in Seoul, Korea and Shanghai, China.
  2. Network locations: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai (China),  Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Taiwan, Thailand, and Manila Philippines with more than 130 employees.
  3. Possesses “Regional Publishing Expertise” in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Global gaming market.
  4. Publisher of several online game titles in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Global market with more than 4 million loyal gaming customers.

The process has been slow; this is what came in July from VALOFE:july14-valofe

And some more info as of Aug 18th, 2016:august18-valofeteaser-logo
My source on VALOFE Global Ltd here:



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  1. Bonjour,

    Après plusieurs années de jeu sur Atlantica Online, quels sont les moyens mis a ma disposition pour transférer mon compte de Nexon sur Valofe?

    Dans l’attente d’une reponse,



    1. I am sorry to inform you that your account possibly has already been deleted. Nexon has probably wiped their old server by now; Valofe’s server is a completely different domain. Nexon sold the game to Valofe, and as a part of the terms of the purchase I think it was required for players to transfer the accounts themselves to Valofe. If they didn’t transfer before January 11th, 2017, then the accounts that stayed behind on Nexon’s servers would’ve been deleted by now.

    1. You can possibly reclaim your old account name, as the names and such were reset after the transfer. Meaning all characters that didn’t transfer were deleted completely, along with the accounts. Those account usernames are now claimable or have been already claimed, considering it’s been a year and a half since the transfer.

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