Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Updates – Mass Ban & Lucky Puzzle Board is back

  • [Notes]
    • The Shining Sports Car cannot be registered into the Collection Book.
      • It is, however tradeable.
    • Also, for anyone that already had a Sports Car / Shining Sports Car in their collection; it is now gone.
      • no clue as to where it went, but you cannot withdraw it as it is nowhere to be found within collection.
    • Concerning the mass ban: if you traded with any of the presumed Abusers and your account is now banned; appeal to the Customer Support if you were not aware that you had been in a transaction with an Abuser.

Mass ban was initiated in the past day or so…

Mar. 23 2017

Attention Atlantians!

The operations team has initiated a mass-suspension among players who violated our ToS by abusing the billing and gifting feature.

The team assessed these players into categories:

• A : Billing Abuser : IDs that charged GCOINS improperly and bought items from the item mall
• B : Players who traded these items with A
• C : Billing abuser : IDs which received items as gifts from A
• D : Item traded with C

If you have been affected by this incident, kindly contact us by filing a ticket at our customer support page.

Thank you for your continued support and have a great day!


Patch notes: brought the Lucky Puzzle Board back with some additional goodies.


Mar. 23 2017

  • Can now access [Paint Puzzle Piece] from the market.
  • Upgrade [Shining Sports Car] to [Burning Racing Car] with Mysterious Paint.
  • Blessing License (1 Day/Tradable) is now shown properly as ‘Tradable’.
  • ×5 [Paint Puzzle Piece] for [Shining Sports Car] with Merchant Acong in Rome.
  • March 23rd-April 6th, ×1 [Paint Puzzle Piece] daily (mailbox) if logged in 1 hour
    • Requirement: Lv. 131

– 300% EXP (100% Normal EXP + 200% Bonus EXP) on all servers from March 23rd to March 26th 23:59).


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