Dear VALOFE [North America],

It has been requested that something is to be said about your performance, how your Customer Service functions, and just how plain lousy your employees are at handling the platform that is Atlantica Online. Rather than referring to experienced players about what works as far as Content and what doesn’t, they release Events that are ineffective or not as valuable as the ones that Nexon implemented. The goal is to gain a player-base and not to discourage them from playing; I’m beginning to understand why people call you Nexon’s Graveyard.

First Topic: The Websites [] / []

  1. Customer Service:
    • When the Customer starts a Ticket: seems fine; information it wants is fairly straight-forward. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Can only upload one image per Ticket – which is stupid.
    • Whoever tracks the CS takes forever to respond; anywhere from a week to a month or longer.
    • In order to respond to a previous Ticket, the Customer has to make a new one, and then refer to the old Ticket. Also stupid or unnecessarily redundant and just creates more work for the person handling the Tickets.
  2. Forum:
    • Infested with Phishing attempts from Gold Sellers and other anonymous players who want to steal other players’ accounts!
    • Doesn’t have an approval system to block Spam or Phishing links.
    • Doesn’t have a Forum Moderator system to manage content of the… you know that Forum that’s supposed to have a few Moderators to handle the issues of Phishing / Spam / and anything similar.
  3. Item Mall / Billing System:
    • No content preview for many of the IM Boxes, which I have some of the information [here].
    • Many of the Credit and Prepaid options for the Billing System either don’t work, or are flawed in some way. The Cherry Credits option, for instance, is an outdated payment option that doesn’t even have Atlantica Online as an option on it’s own site; which probably explains the reason as to why it doesn’t work.
  4. Login [ ->]:
    • This is mostly speculation, but it is possible that the communication between [] / [] and/or other locations may be vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks, or Session Hijacking.
    • The moment someone tries to login on either domain, they may receive a message regarding the login information being sent over an insecure connection.
    • Doesn’t mean someone’s session / login information will be hijacked for sure, but there’s a chance of it.

Second Topic: Gold Sellers / Dupers & Abusers [in-game] / etc.

Your employees seem to not realize the impact of crippling decisions that they’ve made. For example, their approach of banning the Gold Sellers, Abusers, & other [presumably innocent] Players; instant bans without a thorough investigation of both parties.

An example of how Gold Sellers / Abusers operate:

  1. They buy a certain item or obtain it through legit means.
  2. Then, they illicitly dupe the item through some sort of method because the game’s client has many flaws that they can exploit; whether it be Vulcanus [NPC] or the Warehouse in Rome. It doesn’t matter how they do it really; it’s not supposed to be possible.
  3. If they duped the Atlantis Platinum / Gold Coins [or whichever], then they have the ability to create an infinite supply of gold, which they then keep duplicating it through their duping method.
  4. They then buy up all the rare items in the market, afterwards reselling on their personal marketing websites that you can’t take down since they’re not directly affiliated with Atlantica Online.
  5. The Gold Seller’s accounts that bought all those items get banned and the items that they bought are in a void, never to return to the market. Supply & Demand 101: that’s not good.
  6. Now, there is an enormous lack of supply within the market, as the Gold Sellers have bought it all and/or been banned; players will resort to trying to find others to trade with in game for the rare equipment they are searching for. They’d rather not buy from the Gold Sellers with real money, because that would mean a ban for sure.
  7. But, guess what; it’s not just Gold Sellers that dupe. Normal players like to break rules too! So, what they do is they dupe “A” item, and trade “A” item with the legit player’s “B” item, and then they continue the process, duping over and over so that they can exchange for legit ones or more gold.
  8. A few days/weeks later, both players get banned. It’s completely understandable to ban the player that duped an item or cheated in some manner, but why ban the player that wasn’t aware of the cheating issue? Yes, it is easier to ban both players and revoke the ban for the innocent player afterwards, but it shouldn’t be the solution.

Third Topic: Billing Abusers

Now, I’m wondering what was going through the minds of the people who released this post [below], because it’s a bit ridiculous. You would ban players that have no knowledge, whatsoever that the Item Mall was abused somehow because of a Billing /  Credit exploit? Yes, ban the players that abused it, but to ban the players that had no knowledge or interest of exploiting this?

[IMPORTANT] Massive Banning for Abusers

  • Mar. 23 2017

Attention Atlantians!

The operations team has initiated a massive suspension among players who violated our ToS by abusing the billing and gifting feature.

The team assessed these players into categories:

• A : Billing Abuser : IDs that charged GCOINS improperly and bought items from the item mall
• B : Players who traded these items with A
• C : Billing abuser : IDs which received items as gifts from A
• D : Item traded with C

If you have been affected by this incident, kindly contact us by filing a ticket at our customer support page.

VALOFE Customer Support

Thank you for your continued support and have a great day!


Fourth Topic: Banning of innocent / uninvolved Players

This is GM Enryu’s conversation with a player:

This isn’t solving the problem; rather, avoiding it and hoping players will comply.

The appropriate action to take here is to:

  1. Delete the item that the player had purchased from Abuser [insert name].
  2. Replace said item with whatever the player originally exchanged it for.

Courtesy of another player:


He was appealing them to revoke the ban of his account.

These words stuck out when I was in a conversation with him:


Banning players that are innocent in situations like these just discourages the rest of the player-base. This is not something that should’ve occurred and adds to the negativity of the game’s community and/or view of your company.

The efforts of GM Enryu & GM Otoshigami are appreciated; it is noticeable that they are taking the initiative to handle in-game issues. However, the recent actions have upset players, and as usual, people will focus on the negative aspects.



Conversation with GM Otoshigami:

Seems he has the right idea in mind.

Figured I’d add a list of some things that are currently bugged in game:

  1. Sports Car / Shining Sports Car [mount] can’t be put into the Collection Book. This also means that if any players had the Sports Car / Shining Sports Car in their Collection Book, it’s now nowhere to be found.
    • Neglected detail / oversight from the Developers.
  2. The Lovely Pink Baby Dragon (No Trade) has no stats other than 20% Movement Speed and 20 Crit].
  3. The Lovely Pink Baby Dragon (No Trade) is also not collectable.
  4. Merc Room: when switching in battle, a bug appears that will not allow the player to switch out the Mercenary they choose, uses up the Action Point, and counts as one of the in-fight limited amounts of Merc Room switches. I’ve noticed if the Mercenary being swapped out does not have an active spell running [whether it’s a debuff or whatever], then they can switch out with no problem.
  5. Empress Tianmo [Mercenary]: Mercenary Skin (Event); cannot apply / equip.

Alexandria & Argos issues only; these appear because the servers are possibly overpopulated with Alternate Characters and/or the servers can’t handle the player-base’s population:

  1. Guild / Nation Dungeons: no Mobs spawn after first floor or Mobs kill count shows “-1” in the first floor of the dungeon, which forces the dungeon to fail.
  2. Olympus Tower: on servers with “FULL” no Mobs spawn; on “BUSY” Mobs spawn slowly. This is a problem for players that spend a lot of valuable gold in order to run these dungeons.
  3. During server “FULL”: in-game lag / delay can be as long as 30 seconds – 1 minute in response time.

4 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Arc, for saying the things I wish I had the words to say, on behalf of us all, Atlantica Online’s players.
    I stared playing AO about 2 months after the game was launched.
    After Nexon bought AO, I took a 2 year break from playing it.
    In the beginning, I quit the game for good but after I heard that AO was changing hands again, that VALOFE was buying it, I decided to check it out and see if it was fun to play again.
    All this mess, the gold sellers, the gms’carelessness about the tickets
    sent by many of us, players, and the unfair banning of players that did nothing wrong is making AO not so fun anymore.
    That’s sad because when VALOFE bought AO, the common thought was that AO was going to “shine” again…
    Maybe after your words, they will think it over and worry and take better care of us, players and our complaints.
    Once again, thank you for standing up for us all.
    Perla Lewis (OliviaMae – Macedon)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, you’ve got a decent description of what happened here, except that it’s wrong.
    There was no dupe for coins, it was a glitch that let someone loot a box multiple times.. like 80 or 500 times.. which is why an ID reward box which gave platinum coins was so expensive. That glitch has been fixed. (faster than nexon ever fixed anything)
    This last banwave was about an IM-Hack. That’s basically what the announcement on the website said,
    “Billing Abuser : IDs that charged GCOINS improperly and bought items from the item mall.”
    The banwave was a panic reaction in my opinion, a big red button nobody ever wants to push was pushed. That in itself is still understandable, however GM’s need to have the capacity to investigate all individual accounts and unban them if players did nothing wrong.
    There’s been a lot of exploits, bots, bugs and cheats used so far, but “improperly charging GCOINS” is basically on the level of hacking someone’s creditcard. This is far beyond a “regular player” trying to get shiny stuff, this is at the level of professional criminals. So I understand Valofe overreacted to this, but I do hope they’ll invest in manpower to make sure the unbanning of legit players goes smoothly from now on.

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    1. First: the duped Coins is in reference to the events that happened over the past months – and it was just an example. The box glitch/dupe is just another method – as I mentioned there are many exploits/bugs that have been taken advantage of and listing them all wasn’t the intention of the message.
      Second: Yes, an IM / credit payment exploit – and it’s understood that they reacted the way they did – problem is it affected players that weren’t directly involved and caused the fallout.
      Third: I agree; that was the point of this message. Banning of normal/legit players was the main issue.


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