Atlantica Online – Updates – Tania Mercenary

Was released on the 09/20/2017 Patch [Source]
Only obtainable via Item Mall or the Lucky Jackpot Box

Tania Bronze Package (Random)
Tania Bronze Package
• Broken Chains ×1
• Tania’s Book Box [I] ×1
• Book: Crushing Blow [I] ×5
• Book: Absolute Resolve [I] ×5
• Book: Revenge [I] ×5
• Book: Soul Fortitude [I] ×5
• Book: Absolute Resolve [II] ×1~3
• Book: Crushing Blow [II] ×1~3
• Book: Revenge [II] ×1~3
• Book: Soul Fortitude [II] ×1~3
Tania Silver Package
Tania Silver Package
• Broken Chains ×1
• Tania’s Book Box [I] ×1
• Tania’s Book Box [II] ×1
• Knuckle Package [+5] 1/2 ×1
• Knuckle Package [+5] 2/2 ×1
Tania Gold Package
Tania Gold Package [Contains]
• Broken Chains ×1
• Tania Growth Package ×1
• Tania Skill Training Package ×1
• Tania Equipment Package ×1

Preferred the design-choice to the left, but the end product is similar to the right.

  • Absolute Resolve: Passive; Raises Defense & Multi-Hit (self-only).
    Dispels magic that freezes, roots, or combo counts. Can still be sealed (Dischord, Vital Seal), silenced (Holy Rings, Dark Legacy), physical attack disabled (King’s Command), and stunned via passives (Valhalla’s Sword).
  • Revenge: Passive; Whenever an opponent attacks, they receive recoil, and has a probability to Stun them.
  • Soul Fortitude: Formation; nullifies all debuffs (friendly) for a one-turn duration. However cannot dispel herself.
  • Crushing Blow: Row-based; debuffs Defense and Magic Defense of  targets.

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