Atlantica Online [Unofficial] Easter Bug Hunt!

This is NOT an actual Event.

One [04/13/2017 Patch]:

Two [04/06/2017 Patch]:


Three [03/16/2017 Patch]:


Four [04/13/2017 Patch]:


Five [04/13/2017 Patch]:

No Paint Puzzle Piece from mail on the first hour of each day [“intended”?]

Six [04/13/2017 Patch]:

Seven [reoccurring bug from Nexon times]:

Other Bugs:

  1. Merc Room: when switching in battle, a bug appears that will not allow the player to switch out the Mercenary they choose, uses up the Action Point, and counts as one of the in-fight limited amounts of Merc Room switches. I’ve noticed if the Mercenary being swapped out does not have an active spell running [whether it’s a debuff or whatever], then they can switch out with no problem.
  2. Empress Tianmo [Mercenary]: Mercenary Skin (Event); cannot apply / equip.

Alexandria & Argos issues:

  1. Guild / Nation Dungeons: no Mobs spawn after first floor or Mobs kill count shows “-1” in the first floor of the dungeon, which forces the dungeon to fail.
  2. Olympus Tower: on servers with “FULL” no Mobs spawn; on “BUSY” Mobs spawn slowly. This is a problem for players that spend a lot of valuable gold in order to run these dungeons.
  3. During server “FULL”: in-game lag / delay can be as long as 30 seconds – 1 minute in response time.

Have fun looking for more Easter Bugs!


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