Atlantica Online NA – Updates – Black/Red Wind released in IM

  • [Notes]
    • Unexpectedly, new mounts have arrived for Atlantica Online [NA]
    • Details of [Limited Premium Package] added to Item Mall page
    • Proc stats of Black & Red Wind mounts added to Equipment page

May. 25 2017

▷ Update

  • Server refresh

▷ Item Mall

  • Added [Limited Premium Package]
    • May 25th – June 8th, 2017

▷ “Events”

  • EXP Bonus +250%
  • Attack Power +20% +40%
  • Party EXP Bonus (x2)
  • Brody’s Letter Aid (Extended)
  • Hand of God Upgrade Event
    • More information [Here]
    • First 10 Players on each server only
    • May 27th: enhance a +10 Sword (Lv 120-170 only)
    • May 28th: enhance a +10 Axe (Lv 120-170 only)
    • Rewards:
      • Dusty Grimm Box x25
      • King Arthur’s Trophy x25
    • Additional Rewards (Choose 1):
      1. Colorful Soul Stone ×1
      2. Soul Jewel of the Lake ×40
      3. Mysterious Vial: Wisdom ×200
      4. Star Soul Jewel ×40
      5. Multi-Hued Soul Jewel ×200
      6. Rainbow Soul Stone ×3
      7. Phoenix Destructive Stone ×1000

Black WindEnemyFormation1-1255069.2%

Red WindEnemyFormation1-1255069.2%

Promotional Sale: May 25th – June 8th

Archangel Battle Cap×1
Noble Archangel Battle Cap×1
Archangel Battle Suit×1
Noble Archangel Battle Suit×1
Archangel Wings×1
Noble Archangel Wings×1
Incarnation of Archangel×1
Incarnation of Noble Archangel×1
Minotaur Battle Cap×1
Ancient Minotaur Battle Cap×1
Minotaur Battle Suit×1
Ancient Minotaur Battle Suit×1
Minotaur Wings×1
Ancient Minotaur Wings×1
Ancient Minotaur×1
Fire Drake×1
Immortal Wyvern×1
Immortal Fire Drake×1
Black Wind×1
Red Wind×1
Archangel Outfit Box×3
Archangel Wings Decoration Box×3
Incarnation of Archangel Card×3
Ancient Minotaur Outfit Box×3
Ancient Minotaur Wings Box×3
Ancient Minotaur Card×3


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