Atlantica Online – Events – St. Patrick’s 2018

Event Duration: March 15, 2018 — April 12, 2018 (4 weeks)

Participation: Lv 60+ // Locations: Beijing, Dublin, Lyon

The following drops from monsters in applicable event locations:

ItemName + Quantity
Approximate Chance
Four Leaf Clover ×1~572.549%
Green Clover Dinner Table ×102.971%
Green Food Box ×118.004%
Green Gift Box ×102.079%
Green Jewel Box ×102.436%
Lucky Random Box ×100.357%
Miracle Potion ×101.604%

Exchange [Four Leaf Clovers] for the following:

Can exchange [Four Leaf Clovers] for [Paint Puzzle Pieces].

Receive [Paint Puzzle Pieces] by being logged in 1&3 hours daily.

Puzzle Board [Event] contents:

ItemName + Quantity
Blessing License (1 Day / Tradable) ×1
Enchant Stone VI (Tradable) ×1
EXP Concentration License (1 Day / Tradable) ×1
Freezing Scroll (Common / Tradable) ×15
Guan Yu Search License (3 Days / No Trade) ×1
Inferno Box (No Trade) ×1
Lucky Random Box (No Trade) ×1
Minotaur King Statue (3 Days / Tradable) ×1
[Common] Nouvelle Cuisine Feast (No Trade) ×3
Paint Puzzle Piece (Tradable) ×1
Perimeter License (2 Hrs / Tradable) ×3
Phoenix Destructive Stone (Tradable) ×300
Phoenix Scroll (Common / Tradable) ×15
Round Feast Table (3 Days / Tradable) ×1
Scroll of Dragon’s Lair (No Trade) ×1
Scroll of Judgment (Common / Tradable) ×15
Scroll of Resurrection (Common / Tradable) ×15
Secret Vial of Potential [II] (Tradable) ×25
Water of Life (Event / No Trade) ×30

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The following items will be removed after the event:

  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Paint Puzzle Piece

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