Atlantica Online – VALOFE, Wikia, and I

Let’s start with the stats:


I’d say the past month has been quite an improvement.

Obviously it’s because of the massive amount of players that have returned from under their rocks back into Atlantica Online with VALOFE now running things. Are players happy though? Some would say they are satisfied; others, quite the opposite. They still have a long way to go if they want to gain a strong player-base that trusts the company. VALOFE could possibly set the game on path to a balanced MMO that most reasonable players would like it to be.

Nothing can be perfect, so let’s just hope for at least decent improvements to the game as a whole. I, personally will try not to focus on the negatives or the small things that the Devs and GM’s of VALOFE may miss from time to time. We all make mistakes and VALOFE hasn’t even been given a month since they first took control of their servers.

So what VALOFE’s goals probably should look like:

  1. Make the player-base happy, but don’t spoil them.
  2. Bring back events that players look forward to annually.
  3. Fix Nexon’s fuck-ups, but don’t take away good content.
  4. Updates in moderation; space them out, to keep things fresh.
  5. Find a more effective way to track and remove gold sellers and cheaters from affecting the game’s market.

Moving on to the personal reflection:

For several months, I’ve been streaming Atlantica Online. I’ve been messing with Twitch, YouTube, Discord, & whatever other social shit I can find to create a viewer-base; trying to do things that are semi-entertaining, while helping and informing new players on the game while also possibly getting old players interested again. I started this website/blog with the intention of making it a foundation for what I am working on. I hope that I can gain more viewers through more than Atlantica Online, but that takes time, and it’s a rough path.

I have also been building up my guild in Atlantica Online with the intention of making it among the top guilds in the Macedon server, if not to try to be the best. I have perhaps the highest geared account in all of the North American servers and it has taken a lot of effort to get here. I am posting this because I think it’s about time I reflected on where I am.

Moving onto Wikia:

On another note, I’ve also had requests from players to make a new Atlantica-DB, but doing something like that would be costly, so I will at most buy/rent the old domain and redirect it to applicable resources involving Atlantica Online.

I will now officially be joining the contributor list for the Atlantica Wikia as well and aim at improving the Wikia’s database within the few months. Many players already contribute daily on the Wikia, so it isn’t a bad choice to go with this resource and put forth effort.

aoAtlantica Wikia


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"Forward the Foundation" - Hari Seldon

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