Atlantica Online – Arc’s Guide on the Merc Selection Summon Marble

This guide is specific to Atlantica Global, when players first rush into it; this will become outdated after the first 3 or so months into Global.
The ‘rankings’ we’ll be going by aren’t how powerful or useful the mercenaries are, alone; it’s heavily influenced by the limited scope of choice (4 mercs) that you have. Some players will focus on PVE, some PVP (FL), and some with a bit of both, so I’ll give a number/ranking based on such.

Ranking 1 (Best) – to – 6 (Worst). A reminder that you will have a total of 4 choices/these summon orbs.
1: You probably really want to get this merc.
2: Most likely going to get them at some point.
3: Wouldn’t recommend picking them, but not a bad choice.
4: Are you sure you want to pick this one? There’s better choices.
5: You’re literally memeing at this point.
6: No.

  • Khun Phaen – Warlord (PVE/1-PVP/3) – YA BOI WARLORD is what almost everyone says to pick right off the bat. Why? Because his summon is literally non-existant and his books too. That being said, his skills cost 1/2 the Atlas Ore compared to skills for Class A mercs in this list and have more utility/use than most of them. Additionally, he’s your main buffer toward mid/late game. Just pick him up if you’re going to focus on your main at all.
  • Rin – Puppeteer (PVE/1-PVP/3) – Quite useful, specifically because of her AP skill, which gives a full turn over with 50~150 AP in PVE. Can also be useful in PVP for niche/clutch purposes. Super important mid-to-late game, as some mains will rely on her to do a ton of damage, through just recycling AP.
  • Kim Yoo Shin – Hwarang (PVE/6-PVP/6) – His summon is one of the first from this marble that is available via a quest. Additionally, his books won’t be too hard to come by.
  • Guan Yu – General (PVE/2-PVP/3) – He’s one of the mercenaries that’s available a bit later than most of these mercs in the list. That being said, his books can be acquired from Three Kingdoms’ Skirmishes/TBS’ (130~150). Summon is from a quest that will be fairly expensive to start out with, so perhaps is a good 3rd or 4th pick.
  • Gigas – Automaton (PVE/3-PVP/4) – To clarify, he is a good mercenary, and the raid from Titan is really easy for him. However, he’s not as versatile as the Folklorist in support purposes and cannons for physical damage purposes are kind of lame (range that can’t hit flyers). Personally would recommend Grimm Brothers over this guy, merely because they’re more versatile.
  • Roro Kidul – Goddess (PVE/4-PVP/2) – She’s the more expensive Monk (can have two Monks), so perhaps better to just pick him. That being said, she can be obviously powerful in PVP. Her summon orb is super rare to come by, oddly because the drop rate on one of the quest items is ridiculously low. Her books will also be expensive, initially, but over time, not too bad.
  • Mwindo – Sorceress (PVE/3-PVP/3) – Another popular PVP/META merc that will possibly be used early on in Global. Her problem will be her books are only accessible at around 140~150, so that’ll be rough. Her summon/books will get much cheaper over time.
  • Grimm Brothers – Folklorist (PVE/2-PVP/3) – His dungeon isn’t available until Lv 155, so his summon will stay really expensive for a while. His skills will be at a similar case, but most likely, people will be farming a ton of books before the summons drop alot.
  • Riva Faust – Necromancer (PVE/4-PVP/2) – She’ll be an early PVP/META merc kind of like Mwindo. Books will be really hard to come by, however. The summon is also nearly impossible to get without IM, so an option for those PVPers.
  • Morrighan – Valkyrie (PVE/5-PVP/4) – She can be heavily useful, but her skills/summon will be easily accessible a bit before mid-game (Lv100~120).
  • Leonidas – Spartan (PVE/4-PVP/5) – Same story as Valkyrie. Useful, but also easily accessible when Nation Dungeons come around for the playerbase.
  • Anne Bonny – Pirate (PVE/2-PVP/4) – She is a different case than the past two, as her summon orb is going to likely be very hard to come by, mostly because the Davy Jones’ Heart rarely ever drops from the boss in the Ghost Ship ND, which a ton of people will be hunting for. Her books, however, should be really easy to come by, once the ND is ran enough.
  • Hassan – Janissary (PVE/5-PVP/5) – He’s not completely terrible, but his kit is terribly lacking and heavily niche. Not a good choice.
  • Naruk – Druid (PVE/5-PVP/4) – He’s going to be hard to skill up, as the Squad Dungeon’s drop rate for his books are quite bad. Additionally, his kit is just sad with only 2 skills that many other mercs can substitute him for.
  • Odysseus – Champion (PVE/4-PVP/5) – He’s sort of a niche merc, that pairs greatly with the more sword mercs you have in your form. Doing that, however, kind of gives less flexibility, but still a good merc. His books/summon are available in 120~140 TBS’, so not really a good choice, as his stuff will be farmed pretty quick.
  • Chironia – Centaur Archer (PVE/3-PVP/4) – Skills are available from a Raid in Titan, which is a bit tough, but manageable with the right setup. Not yet scaled for magic damage; her kit is based off of mostly proc-damage in PVE. Maybe some sniping/DoT use in CL, but not great in FL.
  • Paganini – Minstrel (PVE/5-PVP/3) – She’ll have some use in early PVP, but will probably die out after the first month or two. So that being said, it’s probably not smart to jump on her summon from here. Would recommend doing her quest instead.
  • Frank Reade – Punisher (PVE/5-PVP/5) – Just do his quest when you can get around to it. There’s better choices.

Additional Notes/Feedback:

An added edit (to the below comment/image)–Dragon’s Treasure Chest will also be available in mentor/mentee quest rewards.

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