Atlantica Online – Updates – 1Q/2018

I’ve been fairly lazy this year on posts; kind of been not feeling like playing the game recently, but I started streaming again this past week.

A summarization of what features were released or modified the previous two months:

01/04/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Lv. 130 Quest Rewards [Modified]

  • Extra Inventory License [Tradable] was converted to Extra Inventory License [No Trade].
  • Merc. Room License [Tradable] was converted to Merc. Room License [No Trade].

Auction UI [Bug]

  • This was probably a fix to the visual bugs where an item would look like something valuable, but instead be just a Star Stone or something equivalent to scam buyers.

Collection Book [Bug]

  • Black Wind & Red Wind Mounts could not be added into the Collection Book.
  • Was resolved with the patch; a reoccurring issue when new mounts and Collection-based items are added to the game. Probably an oversight from the Developers.

Dungeon Boxes [Bug]

  • Obtained from the Dark Abyss [155] & Underground Temple of Life [160] Indi.
    • Sea King Treasure and Pot of Vitality were unable to be opened.
    • This was a bug from the past that reappeared in these specific boxes.

01/11/2018 |
Atlantica Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Star Stones [Modified]

  • Star Stones were disabled from being able to register into the Auction.
    • The reason for this change was scammers were dropping Star Stones in the Auction and using an exploit that made some items and equipment appear as if they were being sold. However, when the said item was purchased, the buyer instead received a Star Stone.

Lovely Pink Dragon [Modified]

  • The mount’s stats were adjusted to what was deemed appropriate by the Devs.

01/18/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Abyssal Weapons [New Content]

  • Abyssal Weapons are Craftable.
  • Darkness Origin added.
    • Abyssal Weapon Crafting Material.
  • Can only be upgraded with Atlas Ore [E] & Lucky Enchance Stone(s) via Vulcanus.

Christmas [EventRemoved]

  • The Christmas Event (Seasonal) ended.
  • Snow Rabbits, Christmas Stockings, Caroline’s Hearts and [Event] Holy Town Tickets were also removed.

Decorations & Mounts [Modified]

  • Both the Decorations and Mounts that have Special Effects with 10%-15% Attack Power and Defense bonuses now apply to the ENTIRE FORMATION.

Nation Dungeons [New Content]

01/25/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Nation Dungeon – Chaotic Tower of Babel [Bug]

  • Can obtain clearing rewards from Chaotic Tower of Babel’s 3rd floor.
    • Bug appeared after the patch that implemented the new ND features.

Experience Table [Modified]


02/01/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Nation Dungeon – Avalon [Modified]

  • The groups of mobs that appear in the fight with Lancelot and Merlin of the 3rd floor were found to be scaled oddly once players reached past Lv 170.
    • This would get worse the higher the level the player was, up until Lv 180.
    • Since this was seen as too tough, the side mobs were adjusted accordingly to a scaling that was deemed appropriate by the Devs.

02/08/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Mailbox Feature [Modified]

  • Mail sending was adjusted for only players that are over Lv 80.
  • Mail sending was adjusted for only players that have been in-game a total of 72 hours or longer.

Valentine’s [Event] – added for a week.

Winter Sports [Event] – added for a month.

02/22/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Dragon Lair [Event]

  • Only contains an NPC where a player exchanges
    1 Billion Gold for a box that contains various items.
  • Image is a result from opening 1500 of those boxes:
    Atlantica Online - Updates - 1Q/2018
  • My Home can not be accessed while inside Dragon Lair.
  • Cannot enter Dragon Lair through Party members.
  • Cannot Register and Teleport into Dragon Lair.

Winter Fantasy Mercenary Skins [New Content]

  • New skins were added; the huge downside however, is even though they have 2 stats to be able to add, players have to use the Item Mall to get them…
  • Elementalist Winter Fantasy (2 Stats available)
    Elementalist: Winter Fantasy
  • Tania Winter Fantasy (2 Stats available)
    Tania: Winter Fantasy

Valentine’s [Event Removed]

  • Applicable event-based field, items, monsters, and NPC(s) removed.

03/01/2018 |
Atlantica Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Winter Fantasy Mercenary Skins [New Content]

  • Two more [Seasonal] skins were added.
  • Again, the downside is players have to use the Item Mall to get them…
  • Also, these skins are pretty bad as far as appearances are concerned.
  • Arthur Winter Fantasy
    Arthur : Winter Fantasy Selection Box
  • Guan Yu Winter Fantasy
    Guan Yu : Winter Fantasy

03/08/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Winter Fantasy Mercenary Skins [Bug]

  • Mercenaries that use the skins were made transparent when not active in a fight.
  • The camera view of applicable skins in My Home was fixed.

Mount – Twilight Wind [Bug]

  • Was made visible in My Home, as it didn’t appear in previous versions.

Winter Sports [Event Removed]

  • Applicable event-based field, items, monsters, and NPC(s) removed.

03/15/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Saint Patrick’s [Event]

  • Details:

03/29/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Abyssal Armor [New Content]

  • Lv. 175 Equipment added; is craftable.

Hall of Chaos [New Content]

  • New zone for Lv. 170 characters to grind / quest in.
  • Can loot Abyssal Equipment Boxes from this zone.

Mercenary – Ninetails [New Content]

  • Sealed Orb and applicable skill books added to Item Mall.

Easter [Event]

  • Details:

04/05/2018 | Online - Updates - 1Q/2018

Mercenary – Ninetails [Modified]

  • Can learn / level-up skills through Atlas Ore.
  • Can properly use equipment type: Orb.
  • Attack effect added.

Winter Fantasy Mercenary Skins [Bug]

  • Appearance of Mercenaries’ weapon with applicable skins is fixed.

UI [Modified]

  • Color display change of gold was applied for over 100 billion gold.

Bank [Modified]

  • Limitation was increased to 99 trillion.

Scroll of Enchantment [Modified]

  • Cannot use Scroll of Enchantment for characters over Level 170.

Open All Boxes Mechanic [Modified]

  • Cannot use Open all box function with Abyssal Equipment Boxes.

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  1. AO Indonesia have/had opened and I’ve seen the decline of players in AO NA. What do you think will happen? Do you think we’ll have server mergers?

    1. No idea what Valofe will do; for all we know some Indos might come back, considering some left fully-geared characters here. But yeah, everyone’s noticed the lack of players.

    1. No, that’s the new Indonesian players; old players’ IPs were not blocked.

      This basically means there was a Whitelist made for the Indonesia region, allowing all current (non-banned) accounts to continue playing and blocking all new Indonesian IPs.

      Although this is the case, I imagine any Indonesians with a Dynamic IP setup could be blocked out. And that’s only if the Whitelist put down by Valofe was incorrectly configured.

  2. Is there a giant lovely pink dragon? I only see baby pink dragon registered in market/my store list.. it is obtainable?

    How much price for that dragon in game currency?


    1. I’m not in-game at the moment, so I can’t check if the market has it.
      However, yes – there definitely is a Lovely Pink Dragon that is large-size.
      I have one, for example. I have no idea how much it’s worth.

      1. Is it rare like A.mino/Noble?even its not registered in market list

        Could u write some info in this blog about Three Crystal Dragon?
        -Radiant Gold Dragon (Gold)
        -Lovely Pink Dragon (Pink)
        -Glacier Monarch Dragon (Silver)


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