Atlantica Online – Bugs and Hotfixes (September)

For both North America and Europe, Atlantica Online’s new Mercenary (Tania) release has surfaced new bugs and issues in gameplay. Within a week, many of the issues were dealt with, but not before it seriously annoyed the playerbase that already agrees Valofe breaks more of the game than they can fix. Not to mention their poor translation abilities when it comes to the in-game descriptions, Update details, and Event Announcements.
The 09/20/2017 Patch caused various problems with in-game mechanics, such as:
  1. Dispel was not removing all buffs & debuffs, but instead in layers.
    • [FIXED – 09/29/2017 Hotfix]
  2. Purification was not purifying the party completely, but instead in layers.
    • [FIXED – 09/29/2017 Hotfix]
  3. Holy Guard was not working as intended.
    • [FIXED – 09/29/2017 Hotfix]
  4. Some passive buffs, such as Accuracy would not work after the first battle.
    • [FIXED – 09/29/2017 Hotfix]
  5. Passive buffs were not stacking sometimes.
    • [FIXED – 09/29/2017 Hotfix]
  6. New Mercenary (Tania) was not trade-able from the Item Mall Boxes.
    • [FIXED – 09/28/2017 Patch]
  7. Was able to exchange the Homecoming L Phoenix Set with AT Points.
    • [FIXED – 09/28/2017 Patch]
  8. Could enchant/enhance temporary Dark Crystal Weapons via free boxes.
    • [FIXED – 09/28/2017 Patch]
  9. Gold Ram Star Stones were usable with hats instead of armor.
    • [FIXED – 09/28/2017 Patch]
  10. Phoenix Destructive Stones were removed from Purification Tower & NPC.
    • [FIXED – 10/26/2017 Patch]
  11. A new variation of Fists have surfaced, with the identity of ‘Armor Fist’. They’re equippable in the Weapon Slot instead of the Gauntlet Slot (old-variation).
    • [FIXED – 11/01/2017 Patch]
      Atlantica Online - Bugs and Hotfixes (September)
  12. These new Armor Fists are supposed to be craftable, however cannot be started.
    • [FIXED]

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