Atlantica Online – Spoilers – Hidden Repositorium

This Event has reoccurred in the past when Nexon was the Publisher.
There’s a possibility we won’t get the Event and that’s why this is a Spoiler.
Atlantica Online - Spoilers - Hidden Repositorium“Hidden Repositorium [Japan]: 17th – 31st Aug 2017.”
“Collect event tokens and claim Legion Mercenaries.”

Since we’ve recently experienced a half decent Event from Valofe this month, why not be on the positive side this time around and hope for the best for this upcoming month. Japan is starting their Hidden Repositorium on the 17th of August and usually (knock-on-wood) when Atlantica JP has an Event, so do NA and EU.

Alright, next is to get to the actual dungeon (how it has worked/been in the past).
Bear in mind that much is likely to change and just as much is likely to be the same.

Hidden Repositorium
Atlantica Online - Spoilers - Hidden Repositorium

You can acquire up to 2 Hidden Repositorium Keys per day. It is an instance dungeon and allows you to take 5 mercenaries (Main+5). The objective is to kill as many treasure chests as possible within 10 minutes.

  • It is highly recommended to bring multi-hitters:
    • Axe / Cannon / Dual Sword / Gun / Power Saw
  • and/or have AoE spells/procs:
    • Arms of Atlantis (magic)
    • Ancient Minotaur (mount)
    • Blazing Earth (magic)
    • Chione’s Fury (magic)
    • Green Dragon Glaive (magic)
    • Incarnation of Noble Archangel (mount)
    • Legendary Phoenix (mount)
    • Sage Sword Excalibur (magic)
    • Waltz of the Blade (magic)
    • War Cry (magic)
    • I could go on… but the point is made

The player obtains [Event] Treasure Chests according to their level for each chest that they successfully kill (this part is highly likely to vary). After leaving Hidden Repositorium, the player will have to wait 4 hours until they are able to proceed again with their second key of the day. As always, the timer display will not accurately show the cool-down of the dungeon.

Possible contents of the boxes (again: likely to vary for the actual Event)

Atlas Outfit Stone2 
Blessing License (No Trade)1 Day 
Blessing License (No Trade)7 Days 
Blessing License (No Trade)30 Days 
EXP Concentration License (No Trade)1 Day 
Scroll of the Hero Pack (No Trade)1 DayEquivalent to a Warrior Package
Scroll of Enchantment (No Trade)1~3Bewitching Scroll with some limitations
Restroom Set Box1(random) Bathroom home decoration
Announcement Ticket1~5Allows 1 server-wide announcement
Ancient Book of Knowledge1~35 million experience
Ancient Skill Book1~31 million experience
Lucky Chain Letter1Exchange with Chain Letter Brody
Supreme Evil Equipment Box1 
Heavenly Crystal2 
Growth Vial IV1~10 
Growth Vial V1~10 
Ambrosia (No Trade)30 
Water of Life (No Trade)7~10 
Van Gogh’s Soul Stone3 
Enchant Stone V1~10 
Enchant Stone VI1~10 
Soul Crystal1Redemption, Dragon, Phoenix or Giant
Crystal5Redemption, Dragon, Phoenix or Giant
Mysterious Vial5Valor, Wisdom or Death
Miracle Potion50 
(Common) Nouvelle Cuisine Feast1 

Spoiler content (below) is probably unrelated to the Hidden Repositorium.

Twitter snippet (above) from Atlantica JP announcing some Event in September.

The NPC (below) for the unknown Event.
Atlantica Online - Spoilers - Hidden Repositorium
Legion Mercenaries (one from each Sect) available to collect
Possible Mercenaries: Mo Chien Lang, Bai Xian, Beggar Su
Direct translations: shadow wolf, white fan, white shade


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