[REVIEW] The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale: A Quest for Coin and Cleavage

[Platforms] PC / PlayStation 2 / XBOX

[Gameplay] unlike it’s predecessors, this game is an action-adventure in a 3D environment. There are no classes or inventory management, so it’s very unlike the previous Bard’s Tale installments, which were turn-based. It has the same engine as Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, and plays much like it. The camera is displayed over-the-top of the main character and the vision range is slightly limited, but not much of a problem. As a bard, you can play a tune and you will summon various creatures / companions based on how far you’ve progressed into the game. There’s also a select few mini-games that are available if I remember correctly, but they are limited.

[Story] This game is not meant to be at all serious and is rather comedic in just about every significant part of the story. It is not related to the other Bard’s Tales as far as story [and context – it’s a completely different world] and is meant to be humorous. The Bard’s Tale has some quite enjoyable moments because of the character personalities. Be prepared for random cut-scenes of songs – which some can be repeatedly played for self-amusement. The overall story doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a good stream of comedic commentary & events. The main character, under any situation, seems to keep his cool or at least still has a sense of humor under the most grim of situations. You play the Bard; a lone hero in a world that is quickly being destroyed throughout the progression of the story. It begins with a visit to a tavern, in which the Bard finds a damsel in distress; he offers a helping hand with a problem that is in the basement [sound familiar?]. To his dismay, it turns out what’s under the tavern is more than he can handle, but as with any issue, it can be solved. The Bard continues his journey with the same attitude throughout the game, dealing with the chaos and roadblocks that come his way. As far as role-play, you have some choices that make a difference in the game, and the choices in the final parts of the game can result in 3 different endings.

[Thoughts] Personally, I enjoyed this game a hell of a lot more than I usually enjoy a story, even with as corny as it was; I might just play it again to get a better play-through recorded. Try this game out if you want a fun experience with comedic relief and plenty of adventure to go with a corny personality. An abundance of little minions to kill and lots of little extras to go with the main story. It’s well worth the effort of finding a copy for PC / PS2 / XBOX.

[Final Verdict] If you can find it, worth playing.


Author: ArcanicVoid

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