Atlantica Online – Updates – Purification Tower

Atlantica Online – Purification Tower

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All of the references listed below were for AO Korea [except for the video – that’s a Japanese player]. AO North America is up to debate on what content we’ll get and what we will miss out on. Don’t expect anything to be the same; this is only an idea of what content we might get [starting today] April 20th, 2017. It is very likely that I got some translations wrong.

Atlantica Online [Korea] – 09-23 February, 2017:

  • Purification Tower
    • New dungeon added to the southwest of Rome
      • Adds a passage behind the Crassus [NPC] in the Rome Bazaar
      • Sardinia Harbor is view-able via the World Map
    • New [Lv. 160] Quest will be available for this dungeon
    • No level restrictions on entering Sardinia Harbor [Lv. 160~ mobs]
    • Admission into the actual Purification Tower requires a key
      • Can loot [1st Floor Key] off of the mobs in Sardinia Harbor
    • 4 floors for this dungeon [not including Sardinia Harbor]
    • Can stay on the floors for 30 minutes
1st Floor
1st Floor Key
2nd Floor
2nd Floor Key

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Other possible content:

  • Dark Crystal special effects:
    • +5% health points leech for melee/range
    • +5% magic points leech for staff
    • +5% damage decrease for shield
  • Charm with Attack Power stats:

  • Chironia Skin:

  • MK-8 [Gloves]:
    • Can be enhanced via Atlas BUT has a possibility of breaking!
    • Cannot be enhanced via Vulcanus
    • Special Ability: Magic Damage Reduction [10%]
    • Part of gear set [mercenary only]
2 set effectVitality : 300
Defense : 800
Magic Def. : 88
3 set effectVitality : 500
Critical : 30
Defense : 1200

  • MK-6R [Necklace]:
    • MK-6R [3-day] from Unstable alternate dimension [Int]

      • Combine with a cube from Item Mall to make it perm.
    • MK-6R [perm.] should be enhance-able with Vulcanus
      • MK-6R [3-day] cannot be altered other than the cube
    • Part of gear set [mercenary only]
Attack Power100-150
Magic Defense30
Action Power5
Magic Skill Level+3
2 set effectVitality : 300
Defense : 800
Magic Def. : 88
3 set effectVitality : 500
Critical : 30
Defense : 1200


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