*Things to note:

  1. The Lovely Pink Baby Dragon (No Trade) has no stats other than 20% Movement Speed and 20 Crit.
  2. The Lovely Pink Baby Dragon (No Trade) is also not collectable.
  3. The Pink Frozen Crystal (No Trade) is collectable and has the proper stats.
  4. You can only put one of the listed Hell Scorpions into collection at a time:
    1. Sand Hell Scorpion
    2. Golden Sand Hell Scorpion
    3. Ice Hell Scorpion

April 6 Update – Patch Notes



– Server refresh


– Paint Puzzle Piece : New Mount (Golden Sand Scorpion) [Ice Hell Scorpion] added.

– Cherry Blossom Festival Event

: After the maintenance on April 6 until before the maintenance on May 4 (4 weeks).

: Level Requirements for this event: Level 60 and above.

: Game Mechanics

▷ Monster [Potted Cherry Blossom] has a chance to join the enemy formation.

▷ Chance to drop [Seed Pouch (Event)] item after defeating [Potted Cherry Blossom].

▷ Open the [Seed Pouch (Event)] for a chance to get [Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event)].

▷ Exchange the [Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event)] to NPC Spring Gardener at Rome Gate.


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