Atlantica Online NA – Events – Cherry Blossom Festival

April 6 Patch Notes


– Paint Puzzle Piece : New Mount (Golden Sand Scorpion) [Ice Hell Scorpion] added.

– Cherry Blossom Festival Event

: After the maintenance on April 6 until before the maintenance on May 4 (4 weeks)

: Requirement: Lv 60+

: Game Mechanics

▷ Monster [Potted Cherry Blossom] has a chance to join the enemy formation.

▷ Chance to drop [Seed Pouch (Event)] item after defeating [Potted Cherry Blossom].

▷ Open the [Seed Pouch (Event)] for a chance to get [Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event)].

▷ Exchange the [Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event)] to NPC Spring Gardener at Rome Gate.


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