*Things to note:

  • Right after this recent patch, some guild functions were not possible for Argos and Macedon [examples listed]:
    • Guild Crafting seemed to be frozen
    • Bidding / Claiming Towns wasn’t viable
    • Guild / Nation lists were frozen
    • Contributing / Withdrawing gold to / from Guild Funds
    • etc – list went on – didn’t check all possible actions
  • The issue has now been resolved after several hours of troubleshooting:
    • However, market seems to still be extremely sluggish.
    • Also – personally, I can’t bit on a town as of this moment.
    • Compensation [for Argos & Macedon only]:

Greetings Atlantians

This is to inform every Atlantians of Macedon and Argos that the issue has now been fixed.

We apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced!

Compensation will be given today @2:30AM PDT

  1. Workload Increase License (1 Day / No trade) x3
  2. Moist Cheesecake x5

GM Team

Mar. 30 2017


– Server refresh

– Upgrade [Shining Sports Car] to [Burning Racing Car] with Mysterious Paint.

  • Level Requirement to get [Puzzle Piece]: Lv. 131

▷ Updated Item Mall
– Added [Archangel Outfit Box] in the Item Mall
: Open [Archangel Outfit Box] for a chance to receive [Archangel Suit] and/or [Noble Archangel Suit], and other useful items – [but mostly trash].
: Sale Offer: [Archangel Outfit Box 5+1] (After the maintenance on March 30 until before the maintenance on April 6, 2017 only)

Secret April Event
– EXP Boost +300% this April 1 and 2 2017 on all servers!
– Secret Item Giveaway

Mercenary Design Contest 2017 [Phase 2]!

2017 Mercenary Contest – 2nd Round Voting

11 entries for Voting.
The mercenary with the most votes will be implemented in the game!


Contest Prizes:
1st : 20,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
2nd : 10,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
3nd : 5,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
8 Runner-Ups : 3,000 Gcoins each

10 Lucky Voters from each region will be drawn and given 500 Gcoins.

Prize Distribution Date:
Gcoins: Will be inserted immediately at the end of the voting period. (20th of April)
Mercenary Summon Marble + Skill Book Set: Upon the mercenary release date.

1. Voting starts: Mar 30th
2. Voting ends: Apr 13th 19:59 PM
3. One vote per IP address
4. One vote per account
5. The rewards and bonus Gcoins from this contest are non-transferable and non-refundable


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