Atlantica Online NA – Events – Merc Design Contest Voting Phase

  • [Notes]
    • Right after this recent patch, some guild functions were not possible for Argos and Macedon [examples listed]:
      • Guild Crafting seemed to be frozen
      • Bidding / Claiming Towns wasn’t viable
      • Guild / Nation lists were frozen
      • Contributing / Withdrawing gold to / from Guild Funds
      • etc – list went on – didn’t check all possible actions
    • The issue has now been resolved after several hours of troubleshooting:
      • However, market seems to still be extremely sluggish.
      • Also – personally, I can’t bit on a town as of this moment.
      • Compensation [for Argos & Macedon only]:
        • Atlantica Online – NA’s FB Post [below]

Mar. 30 2017

– Upgrade [Shining Sports Car] to [Burning Racing Car] with Mysterious Paint.

  • Level Requirement to get [Puzzle Piece]: Lv. 131

▷ Updated Item Mall
– Added [Archangel Outfit Box] in the Item Mall
: Open [Archangel Outfit Box] for a chance to receive [Archangel Suit] and/or [Noble Archangel Suit], and other useful items – [but mostly trash].
: Sale Offer: [Archangel Outfit Box 5+1] (After the maintenance on March 30 until before the maintenance on April 6, 2017 only)

Secret April Event
– EXP Boost +300% this April 1 and 2 2017 on all servers!
– Secret Item Giveaway

Mercenary Design Contest 2017 [Phase 2]!

2017 Mercenary Contest – 2nd Round Voting

11 entries for Voting.
The mercenary with the most votes will be implemented in the game!


Contest Prizes:
1st : 20,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
2nd : 10,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
3nd : 5,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set
8 Runner-Ups : 3,000 Gcoins each

10 Lucky Voters from each region will be drawn and given 500 Gcoins.

Prize Distribution Date:
Gcoins: Will be inserted immediately at the end of the voting period. (20th of April)
Mercenary Summon Marble + Skill Book Set: Upon the mercenary release date.

1. Voting starts: Mar 30th
2. Voting ends: Apr 13th 19:59 PM
3. One vote per IP address
4. One vote per account
5. The rewards and bonus Gcoins from this contest are non-transferable and non-refundable


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