Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] – Events / Updates – Lucky Puzzle Board / St. Patick’s


Patch notes below – event only until the end of this weekend.


March 16 Update – Patch Notes

  • Mar. 16 2017

– Server refresh


▷Bug Fix
– Grim Reaper Bug Fixed
: Grim Reaper Learning New Skill Bug has been fixed.


▷Updated Item Mall
– Added Sheriff’s Book Box [I]


– Upgrade Event an old mount to a new mount with Mysterious Paint

: You can upgrade an old mount to a new mount, once a month.

On the third Thursday of each month, we will announce the mount items.

This month’s Mount item is Burning Racing Car. You can upgrade Shining Sports Car to Burning Racing Car this month.

Whole step of event is as follows.

You can receive 1 Mysterious Paint for every day you’re logged in during the event.

Mysterious Paint is used to increase the effectiveness and change the color.

You can receive 1 Paint Puzzle Piecefor every hour you’re logged in during the event. (Up to 3 per day.) You can use this Paint Puzzle Pieceto using Lucky Board for draw various items and a Mysterious Paint.


Lucky Board [Event] contents:


You can draw the items below:

Item Name Qty
EXP Concentration License (1 day) 1
Perimeter License (2 Hrs) 3
Blessing License(1 Day/Tradable) 1
Scroll of Judgment (Common) 15
Scroll of Life’s Blessing (Common) 15
Scroll of Resurrection (Common) 15
Freezing Scroll (Common) 15
Phoenix Scroll (Common) 15
Secret Vial of Potential [II] 25
Minotaur King Statue (10 days) 1
Water of Life 100
Guan Yu Search Doll License(7 days) 1
Nouvelle Cuisine Feast 3
Mysterious Paint (No Trade) 1

Lucky Board Event and Mysterious Paint Giveaway: March 16 to 19 only
Mount Upgrade: After March 19 it’s still [useable].

Please check the effectiveness of Burning Racing Car, before the combination.


St. Patrick’s Day Weekends!

– EXP Bonus 300%
– Party EXP Bonus enabled
– Quest EXP Bonus enabled

Duration: March 18 and 19 2017

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

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