Atlantica Online – Events – St. Patrick’s 2017

Patch notes below – event only until the end of this weekend.

Mar. 16 2017

– Server refresh

▷Bug Fix
– Grim Reaper Bug Fixed [Skill learning error resolved]

▷Updated Item Mall
– Added Sheriff’s Book Box [I]

– Upgrade an old mount to a new version with [Mysterious Paint].

  • Able to upgrade an old mount to a new mount once per month.
  • On the third Thursday of each month, the new mount will be announced.
  • Can upgrade [Shining Sports Car] to [Burning Racing Car] this month.
  • Can receive 1 [Mysterious Paint] for every day you’re logged in during the event.
  • Can receive 1 [Paint Puzzle Piece] for every hour you’re logged in during the event. (Up to 3 per day.)
  • You can use [Paint Puzzle Piece] on [Lucky Board] to draw various items and/or [Mysterious Paint].

Lucky Board [Event] contents:Lucky-Puzzle-Board.png

Check the effectiveness of [Burning Racing Car] before the combination – because it’s actually worse than the [Shining Sports Car].

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend buffs:

  • EXP Bonus 300%
  • Party EXP Bonus enabled
  • Quest EXP Bonus enabled
  • Duration: March 18-19

You can draw the items below:

Item Name Qty
EXP Concentration License (1 day) 1
Perimeter License (2 Hrs) 3
Blessing License(1 Day/Tradable) 1
Scroll of Judgment (Common) 15
Scroll of Life’s Blessing (Common) 15
Scroll of Resurrection (Common) 15
Freezing Scroll (Common) 15
Phoenix Scroll (Common) 15
Secret Vial of Potential [II] 25
Minotaur King Statue (10 days) 1
Water of Life 100
Guan Yu Search Doll License (7 days) 1
Nouvelle Cuisine Feast 3
Mysterious Paint (No Trade) 1




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