Available on: PC only [at this time]


Game-play: The game combat feels like your usual tactical RPG, with a combination of the classical feeling of Baldur’s Gate [combat] and something newer like Pillars of Eternity [appearance]. Starting out, you pick one of the three classes: Glaive [warrior / Might-proficient], Nano [mage / Intellect-proficient], Jack [rogue / Speed-proficient]. Weapon specialization is based on the type that the character uses, such as most heavy weapons use Might; lighter/ranged weapons tend to use Speed and Intelligence is for spells. Combat can be avoided [most of the time] and there are multiple ways to fight or talk your way out of certain situations. How a character can react to a situation or activity is based on stat pool rolls, which can be more successful depending on how much effort is applied [this includes combat] and how capable the character is with certain skills and knowledge. Might is utilized in a manner that is more physical and the equivalent of strength-based rolls. The Speed pool is based on how quick your characters’ reflexes are [such as when stealing something] or for deceiving in some conversations. Intelligence is used often when it comes to remembering something [such as past-lives of other Castoffs], knowledge-based rolls, and almost anything having to do with manipulating devices.


Lore: This game is set in a futuristic version of Earth, approximately a billion years or so. Many remnants of old civilizations’ creations and/or autonomous systems still function in this complex world, along with artifacts called Numenera, which many of the current populous have no certainty for their original purpose. These artifacts are scavenged by the anyone brave enough to delve into places that may be life-threatening because of the danger that could ensue from exploring them.

Plot: You are the Last Castoff and this existence is brand new to you; the most recent remnant of the consciousness of a man who goes by the title of the Changing God. He has somehow figured out a way to cheat death by leaving his old bodies and transferring himself to new ones; the body that he transfers out of creates a new consciousness, thus called a Castoff. His actions have caught the attention of an entity known as The Sorrow which seeks to eliminate the Changing God and his Castoffs. As you are one of the Castoffs, your goal is to repair a device that is supposed to stop [or merely hinder] The Sorrow and to find the other Castoffs for information.

NOTE: I haven’t completed the game yet, just the four Early Access patches before the final release came out.


Recommendation: Give it a try if you love games with a ton of content and multiple choices / variations on how to approach situations.

References [if you want to know more!]:

Numenera [lore]

Torment: Tides of Numenera – inXile Entertainment

The Ninth World – community resource for Numenera


Great source for cheap games!




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