Available on: PC / PlayStation 2 / XBOX

Game-play: This game is a classic; not meant to be at all serious and rather comedic in just about every part. It has some quite enjoyable moments because of the character personalities, as well as not too bad game-play as far as mechanics & combat. The overall story is awesome and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a good stream of comedic commentary & events. The main character, under any situation, seems to keep his cool or at least still has a sense of humor under the worst situations.

Recommendation: Get this game if you want a fun RPG with comedic relief and plenty of adventure to go with the clever remarks. An abundance of little minions to kill and lots of little extras to go with the main story. It’s well worth the effort to find a playable version on PC / PS2 / XBOX.

Final Verdict: Play it if you can find it!



Available on: PC / PlayStation 3 / Steam / XBOX 360

Game-play: In my opinion, this one was ahead of it’s time, and had some unique features like voice commands, which was new at the time and worked quite well if your pronunciation was spot on. How it works, is you record yourself and then repeat the command in the game as close to the original recording as possible; having a decent microphone helps. It was, however annoying at times, so I personally turned it off a third of the way into the game. The story was awesome, along with a futuristic feel; also has a bit of a disputable topic as far as artificial intelligence versus a “real” human being, and if they’re distinguishable. As far as the combat, the mechanics / etc are like any normal FPS; pretty similar to Mass Effect’s combat system, I suppose.

Recommendation: This game was a hidden gem, so much that I wasn’t disappointed and confused as to how it didn’t get more attention than it had. I streamed the game, then uploaded to YouTube, only to find out it was blocked by SEGA in the last third part; so I couldn’t appropriately post the last bit. It is for certain a great game, so I will recommend this game to anyone that likes first-person shooters with a decent story.

Final Verdict: For players that like a FPS with a decent story!


Available on: PC / PlayStation 4 / Steam / XBOX ONE

Game-play:  Quite the thrill as far as combat; it’s been put into the genre of “Bullet-Hell”, which pretty much means quick action fighting and very difficult enemies in short spurts. So the way this game plays out is you start as a prisoner and get released by an unknown ally [or so he seems like one]. You then fight boss after boss until the end of the game, each boss with different strategies on how to defeat them. Each boss is supposed to prevent the protagonist from leaving his massive prison, with no explanation to why he’s there, other than that’s he’s done terrible things and cannot be allowed to leave. It is to also be noted the protagonist cannot die, so it’s why they had to imprison him.

Recommendation: This was an interesting one; I plan to replay it once I fulfill completing my backlog [or at least cleaning out as much as I can]. So, I will recommend this one to hard-core gamers; especially ones that are looking for a challenge and quick oriented combat, with a bit of strategy to go along with it.

Final Verdict: Get it if you are up for a challenge!

[RIP controller / keyboard]


Great source for cheap games!



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