Atlantica Online NA – Updates – Grim Reaper (Lich) Mercenary

Atlantica Online [North America]:

Feb. 23 2017

Atlantica Online NA - Updates - Grim Reaper (Lich) Mercenary▷ Update

  • A message appearing when deleting items issue has been fixed.
    • Abnormally appears upon deleting 30 items at once. Fixed.
  • New Mercenary: “Grim Reaper” (After the maintenance, Feb. 23, 2017)
  • EXP Bonus [X2 EXP – in party] has ended.
  • Weekend EXP Bonus for Saturday and Sunday has been set.

Grim Reaper: obtainable from Item Mall

Grim Reaper (Lich) Mercenary [Wikidot]

Grim Reaper’s Sickle [Wikidot]


Artist: Tom Edwards


Facebook: The Art of Tom Edwards



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