Atlantica Online [VALOFE] – Events – Valentines, Merc Design Contest, KA Updates

Atlantica Online [Korea] – 09-16 February, 2017: [Source]

Updated Post: KA Updates [02/09 – 02/16 – 02/23]

Atlantica Online [North America] – 09 February, 2017:

Feb. 09 2017

Feb. 09 2017

2017 Mercenary Design Contest has begun concluded:

Mercenary Design Contest Results

Feb. 09 2017

▷ Update

– AoA: reduction of selection time & rounds

  • Selecting a main character (60 sec → 30 sec)
  • Ban Mercenaries(30 sec → 15 sec)
  • Pick Mercenaries (60 sec → 20 sec)
  • Choose Formation (60 sec → 20 sec)
  • Duration of battle (45 sec → 25 sec)

– Discard item

  • Capable of deleting 30 items at once with “Destroy” function button.
  • Can now delete items with “Delete” shortcut key.
  • In your inventory, Item Delete Mode is enabled with “Delete” key. After choosing items, if you press “Delete” key one more time, Item Delete Message appears.
  • Press “Esc” key or close your inventory to cancel Delete Item.


– Dark Crystal Equipment event ends. (Removal of Dark Crystal Ores)

– You cannot obtain event related items.

: You cannot obtain Dark Crystal Enhance Stone anymore, use it; nor upgrade Dark Crystal Items.

– Mercenary Design Contest

: For more information, please read event announcement.

– Valentine’s Day event

Start: February 9, 2017 (After the maintenance)

End : March 2, 2017 (Before the maintenance)

For more information, please read event announcement.

Some event item will be removed at the end of event.

▷Bug Fix

– Inventory freezing issue has been solved.

Feb. 16 2017

– Pop-Up Message Window for Valentine’s Day event
: Removed Pop-Up Message Window when receiving Outfit Box from Acong’s Small and Big Box of Appreciation.

– Mercenary Skin Outfit Enhancement Stone (Event) bug has been fixed.
: Can now enhance Mercenary Skins by using this stone.


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