Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Events – 1Q/2Q 2017

VALOFE has announced / verified a bunch of events & updates for early this year; see below for all of what is to come for Atlantica Online [1Q/2Q] 2017. Most of this information can be found @ or on their Facebook page.

The certain rewards/content as of January 11th, 2017:

1.) Four Platinum Boxes [from the 1k “Likes” event]

2.) One Teleport License (7 Days) [from the 1k “Likes” event]

3.) 50 Atlas Ores [from the 1k “Likes” event]

4.) Five more Platinum Boxes [from the 2k “Likes” event]

5.) Five MORE Platinum Boxes [GM GalaxyEyes “compensation”]

6.) 550 Atlas Ores [2nd Milestone]

1-6.) VALOFE has changed the rewards:

Atlantica HOT Time Event and Giveaway!

Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Events - 1Q/2Q 2017

Great day Atlantians!

We know that you are very excited to get your free ATLAS ORES! We are also excited to give them out too! However, it seems that we have received a lot of feedback that led the management to a very unexpected decision!

Starting the 12th of January, instead of giving 550 Atlas Ores [NT], we are giving ALL players 100 Atlas Ores in 3 days!

Yes, you did not see it wrong, all of these ores will be TRADABLE! However, to prevent the abuse of hoarding ores, we will be implementing a strict rule that only characters online with at least Level 90 will receive these free ores.

We are not done yet! Since we think that a total of 300 Atlas ores is a bit short, all players who have successfully migrated their accounts from NEXON to VALOFE will get a bonus ULTIMATE Starter Package for FREE!

1. Warrior’s Package (30days)

2 Adventurer’s Package (30days)

3. Mercenary Skin Coupon (5 ea)

So get your clocks ready because here are the HOT TIMES for the Atlas Ore giveaway!

JAN 12th 6:00 PM (PST)

JAN 13th 6:00 PM (PST)

JAN 14th 6:00 PM (PST)

Disclaimer: If a player is currently logged in Titan or LOA, the player will not be able to get the rewards during the given Hot Times.

Thank you for your continuous support and happy adventuring!


7.) “New Year Accessory Set” [3rd Milestone]

8.) “Dark Crystal Weapon Supplies” [4th Milestone]

Dawn of the Dark Crystals!

Jan. 12 2017

Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Events - 1Q/2Q 2017

Great fighters, mages, strategists and merchants of Atlantica! We have been granted new strength that came from beyond the enigma!

Starting from the 19th of January to the 9th of February, players may get One (1) Dark Crystal Weapon Box per day from the Item Mall. After receiving a Dark Crystal Weapon Box from the Item Mall, Right clicking the box will allow you to choose from a long list of weapons whichever you’d like. Reminder that these weapons are Non-Tradable, so choose wisely!

These unique armory could not be easily strengthened by mere common materials.  Dark Crystal Enhance Stones are the only materials capable of improving these Dark Crystal Weapons. They have been seen being dropped by monsters around the world! However these stones will be gone after the 9th of February!

Are you capable of handling such power? Prove yourself and display some mettle! Be the rightful wielder of the Dark Crystals!

9.) Huge EXP buffs for nearly a month:

Enhanced EXP Rates!!!

Jan. 12 2017

Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Events - 1Q/2Q 2017

ATLANTIANS! if you think that the give-away is the best thing you got from this migration, let us tell you that the fun has not ended there yet! We have increased the following bonuses starting today!

  • Start Date: After Maintenance
  • End Date: Before the Maintenance on February 9, 2017
  • Bonus Exp: 300%
  • Bonus Craft Exp: 200%
  • Bonus Party Exp: 100% for Each Player in a Party

With that said, equip your gears, hop on to your mounts , get your grind ready and be excited! Have fun Atlantians and have a great adventure!

10.) Archangel Set

The announcement below is what I’m most excited for.

VALOFE Atlantica service GRAND OPENING!

Jan. 09 2017

Atlantica Online NA – Announcements / Events - 1Q/2Q 2017

At long last, the ATLANTIANS and VALOFE are now joined together!

We would like to thank all the players who have bestowed us their patience and understanding from these few months.  We have promised some surprises to be announced right about now, so here they go!

Sneak Peek of future updates and events early this year

  • Increase of Level cap to 180
  • Arc Angel Gears released
  • Dark Crystal Event (Jan 19 Feb 9)
  • Valentines Event
  • Revision of the Item Mall (2Q 2017)
  • Creature (Boss and Mob) and Map Renewal (2Q 2017)

Beginning today, VALOFE promises big and better changes! These include:

  • Better support and interactions between the player and the operations team.
  • Bug fixing, on a gradual scale!
  • Development of new mercenaries!
  • Better ingame surveillance for cheaters and gold sellers.
  •  A much rewarding and better service for the returning and newly registered players

We all agree that a new year should start with new things, and we all see that changes should be done as soon as possible. VALOFE promises to implement this changes, all for you, ATLANTIANS!

Thank you reading and let’s begin the new era of ATLANTICA with VALOFE!


Author: ArcanicVoid

"Forward the Foundation" - Hari Seldon

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  1. I think the problem of correction characters (“@) is much more serious. At the moment, I think they are trying to contact Nexon about their recovery. But Nexon has erased all .For three weeks they have long since repaired launcher, but after correcting characters have become a different login than Nexon (upon registration of transfer). Opinion on this? (sorry for bad english)

    1. The accounts with special characters aren’t stuck with Nexon; they are just not being allowed in the client because their servers somehow block an account with the special characters in them. The players that have special characters in their accounts are pretty much denied entry, but their accounts are surely there; just not accessible in client at this time.

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