Atlantica Online – transfer to VALOFE – anticipation & my thoughts

We have one month left until the official transfer; as I’ve been anticipating it, I now wonder exactly how many players will not transfer, and how this will effect the servers. I’ll not hide the truth; the current [active] playerbase is poorly populated and hopefully a good amount of players have decided to transfer, or else their accounts will be deleted permanently. I know of many players that have decided to quit, but I also know those players wouldn’t like all their hard-earned efforts to go to waste because of a server wipe.

VALOFE has done a so-so job on getting players interested in pre-port phase, but to be frank, it took them bribing people with things like Atlas Ore to get there… There’d be a much better turnout if they announced the details of what updates they would come out with and any new patches they plan on running with as soon as the port is completed. It’s not about what items/rewards we get when we jump in; it’s how long will these new patches keep people pre-occupied and how long it takes until we get bored of the same shit again.

It’s always the same: new content rolls out, players are satisfied for the first 3 weeks, then it becomes a norm, and players then want more new content again. You can’t satisfy the demand; all you can do is keep people around to waste their time in the expanse of dungeon content. Nexon spoiled the playerbase when they released events nearly every other month.

Some players are probably wondering why the accounts that don’t transfer are getting deleted; I assume the reasoning is that Nexon is deleting any data that doesn’t move over, rather than holding onto it, and VALOFE might look at it as dead weight to keep around the inactive accounts. Of course I’m just speculating and it could just be something simple such as permission on if VALOFE can take ownership of the accounts in question or not; or capability as players are required to make a VALOFE account.

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