Atlantica Online NA – Spoilers – New Content for 2017?

Alright, well I’ve done a bit more research on the content we could be receiving at the beginning of next year; don’t know when exactly [so don’t ask me], but that’s all up to VALOFE North America. So is this new content going to be useful or not? That is my main question, because I like useful content/items and not just aesthetic pixels, not that I don’t enjoy some style to go along with the gear/clothes and such. Now, let’s get into the details on these “Milestones”.

  1. “Upcoming Updates”: So far, VALOFE North America [specifically] has been lacking on revealing the details of these updates but whatever, that’s what you have people like me for. There’s actually quite a few updates that could possibly come in early next year, but VALOFE North America has only hinted at a couple of events. I could tell you about the possible new level cap, Guild Dungeon, another Indi, or the “Alchemy System”, but those are not yet for certain, and I’d just be spreading the pile of rumor poop around, but you’re welcome to check it out here.
  2. “Atlas Ores Supply Delivery”: Self-explanatory, but we still don’t know if they’ll be non-tradable; which they SHOULD be. I’ve already explained how it would piss me off if they were tradable, so let’s not beat this dead horse any further.
  3. “New Year Accessory Set”: I’ve done very little research on this one; sorry – not much to go on, I’m assuming it’s the green accessories that the Korean servers got around their New Years at the beginning of this year. If not, then I’m sure there’s a source somewhere; just not in the mood to look further. Come back to this post later and maybe I’ll have an update for this specific content.
  4. “Dark Crystal Weapon Supplies”: Slightly stronger than Lapis [includes the shield as well]; Lv 10, compared to the lv 90 Lapis. Boxes will be available from some sort of free distribution, but I’m not aware of how we’ll receive it [either by mail or the item mall pickup – not that it really matters how].

Each weapon [and the shield] are available in the box drop window.
This is the [Korean] +10 Staff [Reminder: stats are not always the same for all versions!].
Also have special abilities, but performance is about the same as “Blue Crystal” [Lapis]. However, the ability [proc] is unknown because the content is now sealed and not released. For [ONLY] Korea, this content is supposed to be released in December.
How to improve the gear:
Can be enhanced only with “Dark Crystal Enhance Stones”. Apparently the stones will drop from all monsters in the field (world map); how many you’ll be able to loot is of course, based on level and such. There are talks among the development crew of allowing the “stepping stones” to be tradable, as you can see below, this might be true.
Uprading each Dark Crystal weapon requires 10 “Dark Crystal Enhance Stones” and apparently that requirement increases by increments of 10 [possibly 10, 20, 30, etc…]. Korea’s Lapis also improves in the same way, but in other versions [EU, JA, NA], that update is [allegedly] not to be implemented, so don’t expect our Lapis gear to change.


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