Atlantica Online NA – Announcements – Milestone Event

It seems VALOFE North America has released some information that even I was unaware of; I’m not exactly surprised about more free atlas [read the quoted Facebook post from VALOFE below], but what I am completely surprised by is the unexplained “New Year’s Accessory Set” [3rd Milestone] and the “Dark Crystal Weapon Supplies” [Final Milestone?].

These two “milestones” have made be a bit curious as to if they’ll be useful or just aesthetic bling; and don’t even get me started on how atlas ore will probably plummet down because of the amount of alternate characters and players that will abuse the rewards… On the bright side of things, I like that VALOFE North America is finally leaking some of their plans and showing the players what events they have in the works.

Official “VALOFE NA” Facebook post:


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