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Alright, so now that we can copy/transfer our character data to VALOFE, there may be a few minor issues you may run into… Like the problem of VALOFE’s account verification not communicating well with the email service you use, or you might accidentally transfer the wrong NEXON account to the wrong VALOFE ID. If you have multiple accounts, repeat the steps [quoted below] over and over again. It was simple and painless for me, and I hope it will be just as easy for the rest of you guys, especially those not entirely fluent in english/french/german. And REMEMBER, we only have three months to sign up and “transfer” our accounts over to VALOFE; once that time is up, no one, not even older players that went inactive will be able to transfer their accounts!

When you get this image: refresh the page after several seconds or a few minutes. If it takes longer than ten minutes, I would recommend contacting VALOFE customer support.

Official “VALOFE NA” Facebook post:


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  1. Hello, i have same than you old account with ndooors… Problem with email provider dont work (loook faq 7). I tryed to change my email but impossible…….do you find one solution about that ? sorry for my bad english iam french

    1. No problem, more english than I can communicate in french at least.
      Anyways, you can change your Nexon ID’s Email, to a new email, like Gmail, and then make a new VALOFE account, using the same Email as you made for the Nexon ID. I’ve tested Gmail only so far, personally, so that is what I will recommend.

    1. NEXON shut down the AO Indonesia servers months ago, because of cheaters/bots/etc, and VALOFE is only continuing Atlantica Online with these servers: Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America.

  2. Allo j avais un perso dur atlantica Nexon mon perso etais lvl 170 j ai mis bcp bcp de sous sur ce perso car je joue a atlantica depuis le tout debut j ai eus des problemes personnelles et je n ai pas pus me connecter mais le 9 janvier je me suis connecter sur atlantica nexon je n ai pas eus de fenetre qui m indiquais que je devais transferer mon conte donc je n ai pas transferer sauf que quand je me suis reconnecter vla pas longtemps je n ai plus mon perso j aimerais bcp le ravoir car comme je vous le disais j ai mis bcp de sous dessus de vrai sous la merci a vous

    1. If I read your comment correctly, it sounds like you didn’t transfer your account to VALOFE. If that’s so, it’s most likely possible that your account is deleted with the Nexon server data…

    1. More correctly, your character data was probably deleted. People who didn’t transfer will be able to log into their old accounts, sure, but their character will be deleted. Also it is to be noted that your character name is now reusable by anyone, since all the character names were wiped and changed to random numbers.

  3. alors merci pour les renseignements je suis vraiment peiner d avoir perdu mon perso car j y avais mis bcp de temps et d argent j achetais des kama coin regulierement je ne pense plus en acheter car avec ce qui est arriver c’est de jeter de l argent par les fenetres merci

      1. Depending on which region you play in, the deadlines for all the transfers are already long gone. If you did transfer and are just having issues trying to log in, then there might be some account issue – take that up with VALOFE.

          1. Sorry, but I can’t understand what you’re trying to say. Even when I Google translate your comment, it just comes out to gibberish. Get a friend to translate what you’re saying or something.

  4. hi..
    I try to log in with my id and password tells me that password is wrong,
    I did the request for a new password many times but I do not receive email of the new password

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