Atlantica Online NA – Facebook Post – 1.5k “Likes”

Here we go again; another Facebook post today [15 hours ago] from VALOFE NA with a goal of 1.5k “likes” this time. It would seem they didn’t reach their goal of 2k “likes” with the last post. The port date STILL hasn’t been announced and VALOFE NA has been fairly unresponsive. They’re still repeating the same method of them not ready to announce a date, while other regions already have set dates on when they will start porting over. This has left players disappointed and if it were believable, complaining more than usual.

Official “VALOFE NA” Facebook post:

The post has reached over 700 “likes” so far, so their goal is halfway achieved. If they reach the goal of 2k “likes” on their previous post and 1.5k “likes” on this post, that will be eight total platinum boxes [packages?] that we’ll recieve upon the port transfer. The question is, what type of platinum boxes will they be? There’s three types [of packages] that I know of: 1 Day [would be fairly worthless], 7 Days [which I would assume are what they would be handing out], and 30 Days [best case scenario]. AND to further on that note, why are they termed as boxes instead of packages?


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