Atlantica Online NA – Facebook Post – 2k “Likes”

This isn’t really much of an announcement, but VALOFE NA [I’ll just call them this from now on] has put on their Facebook page an offer that I’m sure alot of players will like, and it’s already reached 1k+ “likes” within one day. So it is quite possible that what they offered will be implemented when our version of Atlantica Online gets ported over.

Official “VALOFE NA” Facebook post:

To continue on… No, Atlantica Online NA was never set to start the port on September 22nd. This was a rumor that people kept passing around because that’s what Atlantica Online Korea posted on their website. Of course people didn’t see the same on our version, so they assumed that VALOFE NA had just left the date out accidentally or something; Anyways, they purposely didn’t add a date at the time.


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